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Iowa Caucuses: Results Delayed Over ‘Reporting Issue’


there is an APP for that,well maybe not 

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

The Iowa presidential caucuses were thrown into chaos late Monday after the state Democratic Party said it found “inconsistencies,” delaying results and causing widespread confusion across the state.

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To Delete or Not to Delete: That’s the Uber Question


To Delete or Not to Delete: That’s the Uber Question

Call it Uber Angst.

This is a new quandary faced by customers reliant on Uber’s on-demand taxi app but unsettled about supporting a company whose attitudes toward privacy and women have been making headlines.

Margit Detweiler, founder of the website, is among those wondering what to do.

Last week, she was late for a conference and needed a ride, quickly. “I was faced with a moral dilemma,” she said.

The desire for punctuality won out, and she ordered a car from her Uber app. When she arrived at the conference, a friend sheepishly confessed to her that she, too, had used Uber to get there on time. “We thought we should tweet, ‘We have ‘Uber Shame,’ ” Ms. Detweiler said.

Her conflicted feelings reflect an intensifying refrain coming recently from devotees. They are re-examining their relationship with the company after reading about last week’s comments made by Emil Michael, Uber’s senior vice president for business at Uber, who suggested that the company hire researchers to spy on journalists critical of Uber’s policies and executives.