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Readers Question Blog Coverage of Bridgeaplooza


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Readers Question Blog Coverage of Bridgeaplooza

Let me get this straight. This political blog is based in New Jersey and after 20 subpoenas are issued for the office of the Governor of New Jersey, you only have one article and its about the Governor’s fall girl. Ok, so much for Laissez-faire Point of View to New Jersey State. Nothing to see here. You must think she dreamed the whole thing up herself. She’s a secretary, for crying out loud. What makes anyone think she makes policy decisions like shutting down the George Washington Bridge. She gets coffee and relays messages for the Governor. Anyone thinking she has anything to do with this is delusional. Is Christie that big of a con man that he can convince one person that this rogue employee hatched up some scheme of political payback that looks eerily similar to all the payback schemes he has been involved with. He is vindictive, petty, a bully and I can only hope that she finally wakes up and spills the beans on her “fine” boss.

Unfortunately John people are more worried about the lunch delivery ban at the High School , perhaps if the press would have put half the energy they have in this story in to the last 500 corruption scandals in New Jersey over the last 20 years and far bigger ones at the national level you might actually have a point but alas the media particular the north jersey media has ignored over looked or po po-ed everything so the public is just numb to it.