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Reader says Enforcement of New Parking Law on Bogert and Cambridge “has taken things to the limit”

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I find this new”law” has taken things to the limit. I park my car a block away to allow a repair man to park in my driveway. My dog walker comes, parks in my driveway to walk my dog as I have recently had surgery. Repairman said he may need to go out before the dog walk is back I tell her to pull in the street and I will stand with her car. A few min later , while standing in the street a traffic office pulls up, I explain the situation and that she will be back in a min or 2 and he says the car is in violation and MUST give me a ticket to put on the car. He never even gets out of his car! I ask why must he be so severe and I was told it is his job. I take the ticket to avoid upsetting my dog walker and I am told it I don’t put it on the car or move the car she may get a second ticket. I email this to all council members, only to hear back from 1who doesn’t even seem to know what I am referring to when I ask for the so called safety study that I have asked for on 3 separate occasions.Is this level of law enforcement really necessary!

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Recently implemented regulations prohibiting day time parking on Bogert and Cambridge during School hours, Implemented without Resident input


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March 16,2017

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Several weeks ago residents of Bogert and Cambridge noticed that the police were in the neighborhood posting no parking signs. The No parking signs say :

No stopping or Standing
7:30 Am -4pm
Sept1-June 30th

A resident group contacted the Ridgewood blog looking to voice their concerns, “All the residents of Bogert and Cambridge afflicted by this were quite unaware of any potential ordinance which would prohibit us parking in front of our own homes. In fact I recieved a ticket in February when my husband moved the car early one morning and didn’t move it back.

My concern is that this ordinance was passed without any input by the people affected by it save for one person. There was a petition circulated around the neighborhood which garnered about 50 or 60 signatures. I’d like to get the word out that if people are upset by this they need to attend the next VC meeting and have their voices heard.”

A Village Council Meeting is scheduled to discuss the ordinance on March 22nd. Lately there seems a lot of complaints have been voiced about unilateral decisions made perhaps the by product of all these “committees”  in the decision making progress.