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Reader says Houston..we have a SPENDING problem

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The cash river spend-a thon that has been flowing downhill from the VC on Raised Garage Bonding ,,centralized parking valets ala carte , skyjacking the parking rates and times ….blow up the train station parking for invisible compact cars that don’t exist in the
1000 dollar permit club up there …has everyone muscling in on the spend a thon…including rumors of a PAC no less..
Can’t make this up….meantime castle homes up in highlands are not selling and prices soft…Ie Tax re-evaluations requests for tax rate adjustments to come..
less cash in the VOR ACCOUNTS..PERFECT STORM..PS SCHOOL BUDGET 110 Million and growing . Houston..we have a problem ….reply : RESTRAINT ..voyagers..

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BREAKING: Ridgewood Voters Say “No” to bonding of Parking Garage

Vote Ridgewood NJ
file photo by Dana Glazer
June 21,2016
the staff of the Ridgewood blog

RIDGEWOOD, NJ,  Ridgewood voters decided today in a special election to repeal an ordinance to bond $11.5 million to construct the Hudson Street parking deck!

Voters turned out to overwhelming say NO in every district in  what can only be called a landslide for the NO votes.

Full results

1425 yes votes 34.8%
86 absentee 
2675 no  votes  65.2%
81  absentee
total turn out 4097  24%
total registered voters 16901 

Proposal – Ordinance No. 3521 for $11,500,000 Bond to Finance Hudson Street Parking Deck


Click Here for District Results.


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Ridgewood Train Station Buzzing with Pre-Referendum activity

Ridgewood garage referendum

June 20,2016

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, the Ridgewood train station was buzzing with activity this morning as Council Person Mike Sedon payed a visit to encouraging people to vote in tomorrows special election . The  June 21 referendum is asking residents if they want to repeal an ordinance to bond $11.5 million to construct the Hudson Street parking deck.

DSCF0069 1

The Village Council approved the resolution certifying a petition put forth by a committee of five dedicated residents. The petition calls for a repeal of an ordinance the council approved in March bonding $11.5 million for the project.

A “NO” vote is by no means and end to the parking garage but it does give the incoming council , that won election in a historic landslide more input in to the process.


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