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Readers show no love loss for Bergen Record and Ridgewood News sale

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file photo by Boyd Loving

“Borg and Aronsohn are very close politically, with Borg regularly providing political support for or cover to the Mayor (like during the never ending jihad against “incivility”), and bending and shaping news coverage of local events to portray Aronsohn in the best possible light. Plus giving him a recurring column in The Ridgewood News. One wonders if our new mayor will be provided the same platform to expound his or her views and priorities.”

“The Recorg is a rag and I have enjoyed watching it die a slow painful death.
I hope the Borg family lost money on the sale. They damaged my familie’s business back in the early nineties with a politically biased false narrative published in The Record based on the Borg family’s liberal progressive anti business bias. Good ridence…”

“Borg’s sold the Record property, sold the Record, sold out NJ news integrity because of a traffic jam. But they love Ma Weinberg and her crew of Southeast Bergen and Hudson County Democrats. It’s a great day in America.”

“Maybe we can count on some un-biased news coverage under new ownership? It really couldn’t get any worse. The Ridgewood News used to be a decent community newspaper that covered all of the school plays and neighborhood happenings. Recently it’s been a megaphone for union bozos and local political hacks.”