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NJTP is offering a double feature tonight by hosting Brian Goldberg, Republican Candidate for Senate and Joe Connor a frequent guest on Fox News

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May 23,2018

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Teaneck NJ, NJTP is offering a double feature tonight by hosting Brian Goldberg, Republican Candidate for Senate in the Republican Primary Election at 650 American Legion Drive, Teaneck NJ – 7PM
(Don’t forget to bring a pantry item for the American Legion food drive-support our veterans’ good works).

Brian Goldberg was born in Brooklyn, New York, Goldberg grew up in Marlboro, New Jersey, graduating from Freehold High School in 1991. He then earned a B.S. in Computer Science and Engineering from UCLA in 1995.
Following graduation, Goldberg worked as an IT Professional until 2001. He then began working as a construction company executive in 2002, a position he still holds today.
Goldberg has been politically active in New Jersey for nearly 20 years. In 2004, he began serving as an elected member of the Essex County Republican Committee. He served on the West Orange Municipal Budget Advisory Committee from 2009 to 2011. He also founded The Empowerment PAC in 2010. In 2011, Goldberg served as Treasurer for a Freeholder campaign, and in 2014 ran in the NJ Republican Primary for the United States Senate.
He currently lives in West Orange (Essex) with his fiancée and his two daughters from his previous marriage. His leadership activities include: NJIT Concrete Industry Management Patrons’ Committee, Bomanite International Society (past Board of Directors and Deputy Treasurer), and the Advisory Board for Republican Friends of Israel. He has made it his mission to #GrowTheGOP, unite New Jersey Republicans, and spread a fresh, new, positive image of conservatism across the country.

As part of the double header Joe Connor a frequent guest on Fox News will talk about his book , Shattered Lives

January 24, 1975, six young businessmen were enjoying lunch in lower Manhattan’s historic Fraunces Tavern when a bomb placed inside the restaurant exploded, tearing through the building. It had been planted by a group claiming support for Puerto Rican independence known as the “FALN,” the most active domestic terrorist organization in American history. Among those businessmen were two sons of immigrants and only children – Frank Connor, with a wife and two young boys, and Alex Berger, whose wife was six months pregnant. Both were murdered, along with two other men, while dozens were injured, many horrifically.

Shattered Lives, co-authored by Jeff Ingber and Joe Connor, Frank Connor’s son, chronicles the origins of the Puerto Rican independence movement, its transformation into a Cuban-led Marxist cause, the FALN’s decade-long reign of murder and destruction that was a precursor to future domestic terrorism, the hunt for the terrorists directed by a group of dedicated FBI agents, the inexplicable escape from prison by the FALN’s chief bomb-maker who eventually received asylum in Cuba, and the political maneuvering that led to Presidents Clinton and Obama granting clemency to FALN members.


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Senate Candidates Spar in Wyckoff

Senate Candidates Spar in Wyckoff
May 27th 2014
the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Wyckoff  NJ, Jeff Bell , Brian Goldberg , Murray Sabrin  Candidates for Senate ,looking to unseat Cory Booker  spoke at the Larkin House in Wyckoff last night hosted by the West Bergen Tea Party.


Jeff Bell focused on Restoring Middle Class Prosperity , saying there was now NO Future for our grandchildren.

America was founded on the idea that hard work gets you ahead. But that social contract has withered away owing to dysfunctional government policy that favors the wealthy while necessitating huge budget deficits to provide a safety net large enough to support those left behind. Despite advances in technology that have improved the standard of living, it has become harder for working people to support a family and for young people to establish a career. The next U.S. Senator from New Jersey must be a tireless advocate for solutions that restore the middle-class prosperity that was once a hallmark of this nation.

The most important hindrance to middle-class prosperity is the condition of the U.S. dollar. Since 1994 it has lost over one-third of its value, and lost 10 percent in the last five years alone since the Federal Reserve began its “Quantitative Easing” program of creating new dollars. The effect of rising prices is felt everywhere: at the grocery store, the gas pump, in medical costs, and school tuition.

Instead of serving the people, our money serves the federal government, whose trillion-dollar borrowing is the main cause of the Fed’s money creation. To restore the money supply in the hands of the people, we need a dollar whose value is backed by gold. Read my specific plan to do that. The gold standard, which stabilized the dollar under various iterations through most of U.S. history, is the proven way to encourage stable long-term prices and preserve limited government. This is why the Constitution in Article I, Section 10 directs Congress to “coin money” and “regulate the value thereof.”

While Washington has gotten free financing from the Fed, families planning for college, retirees living on a fixed income, and everyone else hoping to earn a decent return on their savings rather than speculating in the markets have fallen behind. It is a travesty that our monetary policy has deprived seniors, parents, and savers in billions of income so Congress can rack up more debt.

This is the direct result of the Fed’s policy of near zero interest rates, now in its sixth year. The suppression of interest rates below the market level has also broken down the traditional banking system, in which small businesses borrow from their local banks. The total value of all small bank business loans is approximately half of what it was when “zero interest rates” was adopted. Now, neighborhood standbys like hair salons and restaurants are forced to seek alternative forms of credit like cash advance loans that often come with 50 percent effective interest rates.


Brian Goldberg focused on his electability saying  his “positive message” and business experience could lead him to defeat Booker. He questioned whether Booker, who once lived by choice in a Newark housing project, can relate to the average Garden State resident.

Promoting the concept of Empowerment, not Entitlement, Mr. Goldberg brings a positive message to the race.

Goldberg said as a businessman,he has practical experience in the areas that matter most to NJ voters.He’ll combine that experience with his business experience to seek Win-Win solutions to the nation’s biggest challenges, providing NJ with a new voice in Washington.

Murray Sabrin focused on his back ground and how he arrived in America with his parents and older brother on August 6, 1949. His parents were the only members of their respective families to survive the Holocaust.

Rather than submit to the authoritarian regime of National Socialism, Murray’s father led a group of 241-armed partisans in Poland, and included the famed postwar Nazi hunter and writer Abba Kovner. The tragedy and triumph of Murray’s family has taught him to revere human life and hold dear those freedoms in our Bill of Rights — especially the right of citizens to protect themselves under the Second Amendment.


Murray Sabrin became a U.S. citizen in 1959 at age 12, and graduated from the Bronx High School of Science in 1964. He has a Ph.D. in economic geography from Rutgers University, an M.A. in social studies education from Lehman College and a B.A. in history, geography and social studies education from Hunter College.

His personal experience allowed him to see the dangers of big government  and make him what he called himself New Jersey’s foremost defender of economic freedom and individual liberty. For three decades he has been fighting to end harmful government intrusion into our lives. 

Like the other two he focused on how the U.S. economy is experiencing the worst recovery since the end of World War II.  Despite trillion dollar budget deficits under President Obama and the Federal Reserve’s unconscionable money printing known as Quantitative Easing, which has dropped interest rates on savings accounts to virtually 0%, America’s real unemployment rate is more than 20%, according to some economists.  In other words, the federal government’s fiscal and monetary policies have not “stimulated” the economy.

America’s free enterprise system has been replaced by crony capitalism–bailouts of Wall Street and politically connected firms, and subsidies to inefficient businesses. We need to return to a free market economy across the board so we can enjoy the fruits of a prosperity based on real savings and investments.

He then spoke on NSA spying ,and IRS Targeting and the growing threats to our Constitutional rights Saying the real threat to our rights is from the Obama administration, and he will work tirelessly in the United States Senate to repeal every law that infringes on the American people’s constitutional rights guaranteed in the Bill of Rights.

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GOP candidates seeking Senate nomination speak to Bergen Republicans


GOP candidates seeking Senate nomination speak to Bergen Republicans

MAY 13, 2014, 10:35 PM    LAST UPDATED: TUESDAY, MAY 13, 2014, 11:06 PM

All four Republican candidates vying to be their party’s nominee for the U.S. Senate introduced themselves and answered questions before the Bergen County Republican Organization on Tuesday evening.

Whoever becomes the Republican nominee will face off against Democratic incumbent Cory Booker, who gained the late Frank Lautenberg’s seat in a special election  last year. Booker  won by double digits and has access to funding at the national party level.

Before about 60 people, candidates emphasized different points, but the general focus was on the economy. Each candidate was given five minutes to introduce themselves to the audience before a short question-and-answer session.

Ideas ranged from downsizing the federal government to strengthening the military and creating jobs. The target wasn’t on each other but focused on Booker.

“What is Cory Booker’s program for economic growth?” asked one of the candidates, Jeff Bell. “I do have an answer. His program is the same as President Obama’s for economic growth: nothing.”

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