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Reader says,”All (BOE) candidates should be evaluated on their merits, their stances on the issues, not on whether they have children in the Ridgewood schools “


“And for the record, at 1 hour 13 minutes into last night’s BOE meeting, Mr. Morgan stated his belief that candidates should have children in or about to graduate from the Ridgewood schools. In my opinion this is dead wrong, and it is absolutely not a requirement (which he does admit). Anyone who runs for this office is presumably deeply invested in doing the absolute best for the Ridgewood schools. Even if they never had children. Even if, like Jennie Smith Wilson, their children went to private school. Even if, like Jim Morgan, their children are long gone from the schools. In my opinion, someone who is willing to run and does not have children in the system must be remarkably dedicated. It could even be argued that those with children currently in the system are too personally involved. I think Morgan’s is a nonsensical statement and should be ignored. All candidates should be evaluated on their merits, their stances on the issues, not on whether they have children in the Ridgewood schools.”

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What You Really Want to Know About the Candidates for New Jersey Governor

Taylor Ham


Gov. Chris Christie is on his way out. Primaries are on June 6. Here’s what matters — and a few things that don’t — about six candidates vying to replace him:

Taylor Ham or Pork Roll?


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How will N.J.’s next governor fix the pension system? We asked the candidates

Christine Todd Whitman

Updated February 17, 2017
Posted February 17, 2017

By Claude Brodesser-Akner |NJ Advance Media

One of the biggest challenges confronting New Jersey’s next governor will be how to stop the runaway train that is our state’s pension mess. The long-term pension hole is $44 billion — nearly $10 billion more than the state spends on everything in given year.

The hole was dug by politicians from both parties going back a quarter century, and governors over the past decade have failed to stem the tide.

With the primaries a few months away, we asked Democratic and Republican governor candidates for their pension fixes. Some said they’ll release their plans in weeks to come.  Those with plans on the board propose everything from cutting public worker benefits and reinstating a millionaire’s tax to using legalized marijuana or a north Jersey casino as a pension cash cow.

Take a look at what they’re saying.

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Real estate agent and Soap Star Terri Peck seeks Freeholder bid as BCRO Extends Filing Deadline for Candidates

Soap Star Terri Peck

Real estate agent and Soap Star Terri Peck seeks Freeholder bid as BCRO Extends Filing Deadline for Candidates

February 3,2016
staff of the Ridgewood blog
Hackensack Nj, Bergen County Republican Organization (BCRO) Chairman Bob Yudin has confirmed that the county organization has extended the filing deadline for candidates who wish to be considered by the county convention and run for Freeholder. The deadline normally, February 1 has been extended to midnight on March 1.The filing change will extend the deadline for all county open offices including freeholder, sheriff, county clerk and surrogate.

Yudin made the decision or some say was forced to make the decision to extend the deadline following a depressing few weeks for the County GOP. First there was last month’s high profile defection of  Bergen County Sheriff Michael Saudino switching parties to pursue reelection as a Democrat and then Freeholder John Felice announced that he would not be pursuing reelection.

According to the BCRO, seven Republican candidates have registered to run for freeholder so far including incumbent Maura DeNicola. Other freeholder candidates include former freeholder John Driscoll, former congressional/assembly candidate Dierdre Paul, Closter councilman Robert DiDio and real estate agent and Soap Star Terri Peck.

The BCRO convention will be on March 15. and will select two out of the remaining six candidates to join DeNicola on the ballot for Felice’s seat and to challenge Democrat Tom Sullivan.