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Follow This Easy Manual And Sell Your Car

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If you’ve ever bought a car, chances are you’re going to have to sell one at some point. Whether because you’re moving or want an upgrade, selling cars can be hard. Initially, it can appear as a complicated and daunting task, but with the right approach, anyone can do it! Selling your car can give you financial and emotional success, but only if you get it right. Whether you’re upgrading to a new vehicle or parting ways with your old one, understanding the intricacies of the process is key. 

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A Quick Guide On What It Takes To Become A Fantastic Driver

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When you think about it, there are few things that are more important than being able to drive. You can survive without knowing how to play the piano or speak fluent French, but not having the ability to drive would make life nearly impossible in most areas of the world outside developing countries. The good news is that becoming a good driver isn’t all that difficult if you know what you’re doing.

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Ridgewood Chamber Of Commerce Annual Car Show Is A Go This Year!!!

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photo by Boyd Loving

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, the Ridgewood Chamber of Commerce Annual Car Show 2021 will be held on Friday September 10th,2021 from 6:00pm-9:00pm

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What You Need To Know About Shipping A Car and How To Do It Right

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When it comes to shipping a car internationally or across the country, there are things a lot of people don’t know. You want to not only ensure that your car is going to be traveling safe, but you also want to ensure that you are paying the right price for it.Discover essential insights on what you need to know about shipping a car internationally and how to ensure a seamless process with reliable providers specializing in international car shipping. There are a few things that you need to know to accomplish both of these. Here are some things on what you need to know about shipping a car along with a few tips to ensure you do it right.

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Readers says ,Ridgewood Needs to keep Ridgewood Avenue as a automobile thoroughfare more than ever


“Franklin Avenue is a death trap already. Do you remember the priest pedestrian in the crosswalk trying to cross Franklin Avenue at Oak Street who was killed by an impatient woman (who was apparently immune from County prosecution) who admittedly had the green light but became impatient waiting to make the left turn onto Franklin Avenue who punched the accelerator, zoomed around THE LEFT HAND SIDE of the car in front of her which was waiting to do the same thing (but that had appropriately stopped to let the poor priest cross the street) and brutally hit and killed the pedestrian priest in the crosswalk?”

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The Evolution of Modern Car Technology

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Numerous vehicle purchasers settle on buying choices dependent on the innovation fitted to their new ride. Indeed, almost 60% of recent college grads and 40% of more established grown-ups would change brands if another vehicle producer offered the innovation they needed. Furthermore, a normal purchaser would pay over $2,200 more to have the innovation highlights they needed in their vehicle. The tech additionally must be anything but difficult to utilize. On the off chance that the innovation wasn’t natural, in excess of 30% of purchasers said they’d take a gander at a totally unique vehicle.

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Advantages of Buying a Used Vehicle vs. a New Vehicle

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Buying a car is a grand investment for most people, and it’s something that needs to be well thought out. Deciding on whether to invest in a brand new car or a used one can be quite challenging. There are tons of options and features with each choice that makes it confusing to settle on one side. 

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The Features of a First Month Free Car Insurance Policy

The 24th Annual Ridgewood Car Show

Vehicle insurance is an important part of protecting assets and saving out of pocket expenses should an unforeseen event become a reality. In the event of an accident, your policy offers financial protection against personal and third-party liability. 

While it is a necessity, many simple cannot afford vehicle coverage owing to difficult financial circumstances. If you need to drive your car to work and adhere to insurance regulations, but cannot afford a deposit, you can take advantage of a first month free car insurance plan. To help you financially, you can sign up for a policy providing vehicle protection without having to pay your first month.

An advantage of seeking a no down payment insurance plan is that savings. Obtaining vehicle cover without advanced payment offers temporary financial relief. It is a suitable option for drivers who need immediate insurance but many be experiencing limited funds. 

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How Do I Get Full Compensation From A Car Accident Settlement?

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If you have ever been unfortunate enough to get into a car accident, then you know how messy and complicated the whole matter can be. You can be driving safely in your lane and still have some reckless driver crash into you, injuring your body as well as your car. Needless to say, you should file a claim for compensation in such cases, but unfortunately, things don’t always go as smoothly as you’d hope. Insurance companies get involved and suddenly, you find yourself presented with a compensation amount that wouldn’t even cover your medical bills. So, how exactly can you get the full compensation that would cover all your damages?

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New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission ,agency and Inspection Station Closures Extended Until May 11

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the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Paramus NJ,  New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission Chief Administrator Sue Fulton today announced that all agency, road testing, and inspections facilities will remain closed until at least Monday, May 11. The closures are part of the Murphy Administration’s ongoing efforts to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

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Beware Of These 5 Dangerous Highways In America


There isn’t a more romanticized version of contemporary American life than the image of gathering your belongings, climbing into a car, and hitting the road. Going on a road trip is one of the most enjoyable and iconic rites of passage there is, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Unfortunately, driving around the country can also be rather dangerous, especially given that there are a few highways notorious for how unsafe and gnarly they are to drive through. If you’re about to plan a road trip with friends crisscrossing the country soon, then make sure to read on for more information on the deadliest highways out there.

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Need Insurance? Here’s What You Need to Know First

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Getting insurance is something you should be thinking of right when you have landed your first job or when you have settled down. Insurance will make sure that your financial well-being, assets, and health will be protected in the event of death, damage or loss. Before jumping into the decision of doing this milestone, Here are some things you need to know:

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What You Need To Know About The Lemon Law

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It can be terribly frustrating, not to mention disappointing, when your brand new car, truck, or SUV is in need of frequent repairs. What’s worse is when numerous repairs fail to fix your new vehicle. What can you do once the dealership mechanic has thrown up his hands?

Fortunately, every one of the United States has what is called a “lemon law.” The purpose of a lemon law is to protect consumers in the event their new vehicle has a “defect” or “condition” that is a detriment to the vehicle’s function or that negatively affects its value. In other words, if your brand new car has a problem the dealer can’t fix, you are likely entitled to either a refund or a replacement of equal value.

Lemon laws aren’t perfect, and you are unlikely to retrieve all of the money you spent on your new car. Still, these laws offer the best protection available as regards the purchase of a faulty vehicle.


There are conditions that must be met in order for your vehicle to be considered a lemon in the eyes of the law. Your car must either have been in the mechanic thirty days over the course of one year, or it must have been in the shop for the same “defect” or “condition” four times over the course of two years.

Because the amount of times your vehicle is repaired will be the deciding factor in whether or not your car qualifies as a lemon, be sure to obtain copies of all repair orders for every repair that is done on your car. Often times, if the car is still under warranty, a dealership may not offer you a written record. Insist upon it, it is for your own protection.


Many people who have problems with used or preowned vehicles ask whether the lemon law might apply to them. Unfortunately, the answer to that question is no. Ninety-nine times out of one hundred the lemon law will not apply to anything but a vehicle that has been purchased brand new.


Before your vehicle can be recognized by the law as a lemon, you must send what is known as a “last chance letter” to the car manufacturer. There are a few things to remember when performing this step (which is often handled by a lawyer.) First, do not send your letter to the dealership. The dealership is little more than a middleman. It is the manufacturer you need to serve notice upon. To that end, remember also to send the letter registered mail. You will need the proof of receipt this method provides.


You’ve sent a last chance letter to the manufacturer, you’ve got the proof of receipt. All that’s left is to wait for the manufacturer to contact you with the details of how you’ll retrieve your money or your new car, right? Well, not quite. The fact is car manufacturers normally don’t address warranty issues until they’re sued in court.

While this may seem a heartless practice at first, it does make sense if you think about it. Car manufacturers produce millions of cars. If even only one-half-of-one-percent of their product is defective (which would be a very good margin of error) that would still be five thousand defective cars per every million produced. Most car manufacturers simply don’t have the resources to investigate so many claims, and so they deal only with those cases they must.


Court fees can be expensive, as hiring the services of a reputable attorney. Fortunately, one key stipulation of the lemon law is that, should you win in court, the manufacturer must pay both your court and attorney fees. Before the lemon laws, there were laws on the books protecting car consumers, but those laws didn’t protect the consumer from resulting court costs and lawyer fees.

Most lawyers in Riverside, California (and elsewhere else for that matter)offer free consultations to see if you have a lemon law case. It is possible to fight for your rights as a consumer, and you can learn how from a Riverside lemon law attorney. A qualified attorney can help determine if your car might be a lemon and if so, how you may be entitled to protection under the California lemon law.


If your vehicle’s manufacturer is ordered by the court to replace or refund your purchase, be aware that you likely won’t get all you’d hoped for.

Your two choices are now a refund or a replacement. Either way, you will not receive the full amount you paid for your “lemon.”

Should you opt for a refund, the manufacturer is obligated to reimburse you only for the exact amount you paid for the vehicle. This excludes any promotions or deals you may have negotiated in the sale. Also, you will be charged a mileage fee for every mile you drive before you first reported your vehicle’s “defect” or “condition.” While this may be fair enough–you did drive and use the vehicle during that time, after all–it often comes as something of a surprise.

If you decide to go for the new car, keep in mind that you will have to choose a vehicle with the same manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) as your “lemon.” Few things depreciate in value as quickly as an automobile. Simply driving one off the lot decreases its value. By the time you get your new car, you are likely to have to settle for one with fewer features in order to match the MSRP.

While you will be reimbursed for out-of-pocket expenses resulting directly from your lemon vehicle’s “defect” or “condition” (i.e. towing fees), you will not be paid for any time missed at work due to your vehicle.

If you’ve been experiencing repeated problems with your brand new car, truck or SUV, or if you’re experiencing the same problems over and over, you may qualify for protection under the lemon law.

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2018 Ridgewood Chamber of Commerce Annual Car Show

The 24th Annual Ridgewood Car Show

file photo by Boyd Loving

Friday, September 7, 2018
Memorial Park
at Van Neste Square and
along E. Ridgewood Ave.
last year we had over 400 cars,
ran out of room, need to sign up and show up early!
weather permitting

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