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Reader says the Village Manager’s method of leaving that most reveals her true character and ability


I heard she was a competent administrator, but the few times I spoke with her, I had the sense she did not understand numbers, so I never formed an impression of her abilities one way or the other. At the same time, I believe she too strongly pushed Paul Aronsohn’s self-promotion and political agenda, by, for instance urging people not to sign the parking petition. I also thought her letter to the editor a few weeks back regarding Schedler was completely off the mark and bizarre. Having politicized her position and made it personal, she created her own fate.

Perhaps it is her method of leaving that most reveals her true character and ability. Arrive on Tuesday to announce you are leaving a CEO role on Friday and then send emails to staff saying its all too hostile for you to stay on??? A person in that position – – someone who signed up to promote and preserve the health, safety and welfare of 25,000 people – – should have the fortitude and wherewithal to give adequate notice, ensure a smooth transition and go out with head held high. Instead, we get more drama.