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“Return to Shandalee: 1969 and The Summer of Love” a book by Jeff Krizan, RHS ’69


the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, With all the discontent surrounding the pandemic and national politics I thought it would be a good idea to divert our attention to an earlier time for a fictional “coming of age” story that I wrote about Chris Bronson, a 1969 graduate of Ridgewood High School. “Return to Shandalee: 1969 and The Summer of Love” is partly set in Ridgewood, NJ with references to Valley Hospital, Woolworth’s, Ridgewood Avenue, Van Neste Park, and many other places and people whose names I changed. Anybody from New Jersey over sixty reading my book can understand the references to “the Jersey shore,” foregone Catskill resorts, antiquated summer camps, and the current events of the time. All others who first fell in love when they were teenagers will understand the angst of it all but should be comforted by the tale of the central characters and how it shaped their future. “Shandalee” is a 5-Star novel available through Amazon in Kindle or paperback. It should take your mind off 2020!