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Reader says ,” this place is gonna look like Hackensack”


” It’s amazing how so many individuals are so arrogant. How they think they can just walk off the sidewalk into a road without looking how stupid can you be. You got to be the biggest Dummy too do that. That’s for the walkers. For the drivers speed limit should be changed in the CBD. It should be 15 mph. And the damn New Jersey transit buses should not utilize Ridgewood Avenue at all. Let them Use Franklin Ave., Maple Avenue, maybe move the bus station This is not going to work when all these apartment buildings are done we are just too congested. If you think people are getting hit now you just wait and see you have buildings being built right on top of the road on Broad Street Chestnut St., Franklin Avenue and then Maple and Ridgewood Avenue. This place is gonna look like Hackensack. “

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March 23rd Ridgewood Council Meeting ,Village of Ridgewood to become City of Ridgewood ?

3 amigos in action Ridgewood NJ
file photo by Boyd Loving
March 14,2016
the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Ridgewood high density housing issue is upon us again. The Village Council will be meeting at the Campus Center of the Ridgewood High School.

The Village Council Meetings of March 23rd ,Work Session meeting will begin at 7:30 p.m.During the Work Session there will be a Special Public Meeting for the Public Hearings and vote on the multi-family housing ordinances as well as a public hearing and vote on the bond ordinance to appropriate money for the Hudson Street parking deck.

The meetings will be filmed and available both on YouTube and the Village Public Access Channel (Cablevision 77; Fios 37) the following day. According to a March 10th update “streaming on YouTube from this location on March 9th proved successful and will be again be done for the March 23rd meeting.

According to the previous meeting the high density housing will have “No impact” on traffic, schools, water ,sewers in the Village .
The current council majority know on this blog as the three amigos , have all declined to run for reelection for various reasons , so the fate of the Village of Ridgewood will be settled by parties who are no longer vested in the Village.