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Orthorexia: the clean eating obsession that makes you dangerously ill


Breakout the Burgers

India Sturgis

30 NOVEMBER 2015 • 8:00AM

Carrie Armstrong’s fixation with ‘clean’ eating began, as it so often does, with good intentions. Struck down by a virus eight years ago, she was bed-bound and unable to lift her head off the pillow let alone walk.

Doctors said there was little more medicine could do so, to speed up her natural recovery, she began researching alternative remedies and healthy, body-boosting diets online.

“My first thought was no wonder I had got so sick because I’d been eating badly for years,” says the 35 year-old sports presenter from London.

“But then I starting reading about the transformative affects of giving up meat and sugar, then carbohydrates and it went from there.’