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Politicians Should be Forced to Read the “Paris Accord” before pledging Your Tax dollars to It


photo Glen Rock Mayor Bruce Packer

June 6,2017

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, according to the PATCH ,Glen Rock Mayor Bruce Packer is joining with nearly 190 other mayors across the United States in the fight against global warming.

Politico tells us that three Democratic candidates for governor have pledged that, if elected, New Jersey will keep following the requirements of the Paris climate accord regardless of President Trump’s decision last week to withdraw the United States from the international pact.

Former U.S. ambassador Phil Murphy, Assemblyman John Wisniewski (D-Middlesex), and former U.S. Treasury official Jim Johnson all said last week that they would follow the lead of California, Massachusetts, New York, Washington and other states that have committed to keep following the Paris agreement in the wake of Trump’s decision.

Our questions is has anyone of these politicians read the “Paris Accord”  ? Did you miss the part where American taxpayers will be sending over a $100 billion dollars over seas in a massive transfer of wealth with almost no impact on climate at all?

The Clean Power Plan and oil fee taken together would have an effect comparable to a $30-per-ton carbon tax, which would cost households in the lowest income quintile $20 billion annually. That is equivalent to raising their federal tax burden more than 160 percent. Crushing the poor whom energy is a far larger part of their overall expenses.

Sorry climate alarmist , the sum of many pledges to do nothing is: nothing. When the Massachusetts Institute of Technology compiled the pledges and compared them with its own preexisting projection, it found a temperature reduction by 2100 of only 0.2°C and when the analysts compared the pledges with the projection created by the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change back in 2000, they found no improvement at all.

This is all before you discuss weather “climate change”  is not science but nothing more than a hoax ,like Y2K  to generate subsidies  for a handful of rich and powerful ,destroying the American middle class  and make themselves even richer off taxpayer funded mandates.
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“This smacks of a ‘carbon imperialism’,” wrote Arvind Subramanian, the Indian government’s chief economic advisor.


Paris climate talks: Through the smog, coal-hungry India sees ‘carbon imperialism’ in the West

As Delhi rushes to boost its coal generation to satisfy rocketing energy demands, John Kerry’s decision to single out India as a “challenge” provokes fury

Andrew Marszal in New Delhi

6:56PM GMT 28 Nov 2015

It’s rush hour in the world’s most polluted city, and just visible through the dense blanket of smog is an electronic billboard informing motorists that the air quality has dropped from “very poor” to “severe”.

If this were Beijing an emergency would be declared, with schools closed for the day and production at factories halted. But here in Delhi, judging by faces barely visible behind anti-pollution masks, nobody seems to have noticed.

When John Kerry, the US secretary of state, last week singled out the country most likely to pose a “challenge” to climate change talks at Paris, it wasn’t China he named – it was India.

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