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Can it be that Police and Village Manager (our code enforcers) don’t know the law or are they catering to Healthbarn?

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August 9th 2016
the staff of the Ridgewood blog
Ridgewood NJ, Watch this short clip. Yelling at a resident, Sergeant Chuck says no dogs allowed at Habernickel park, any park. Roberta says, “it’s illegal!”
HealthBarn announces they are dog friendly and the LAW is thrown out to accommodate Stacey and her dog watering station.
Then HealthBarn lures/invites dogs, dog bites kid, the law is back again.
Can it be that the Police and Roberta (our code enforcers) don’t know the law or are they catering to Healthbarn? Either way it’s reckless and negligent.
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Reader says The agressive code enforcement is sowing the seeds of discontent

Roberta Sonenfeld

file photo by Boyd Loving

The agressive code enforcement is sowing the seeds of discontent. We now have a way to get back at those who annoy us.Thank you Roberta.

August 2,2016

the staff of the Ridgewood bog

Ridgewood NJ, Readers continue to feel that the agressive code enforcement is an attempt by some Village officials for taking such a beating in the last election. It is clearly a vestage of machine politics to threaten and haress anyone who raises objections with policy. Its also a way to undermine the new council.

Readers say…………..

The Breath of Fresh Air Manager hired a Code Enforcement officer last year to issue tickets for violation. This officer wrote a couple of hundred tickets but I wonder if the other towns also hired their own Code Enforcement Officer to write water violation? ( I DONT THINK SO) So there you have it Ridgewood tax payers. Your getting screwed again.

I can’t believe that we have strict code enforcement for residents and business owners get away with this -except for Tito,s Burritos.

But she did manage to hire a code enforcement person to ticket village residents.

The ever changable leaf schedule is her doing. The way that they ticketed people 4 months after the fact is just irresponsible. What the heck was she doing with the tickets all winter? Common criminals are entitled to a speedy trial. Residents have no way to prove that their leaves were not there or that the village manager changed the schedule – again.

For the summons – the village manager will blame the neighbors. Hey your neighbor reported you, so we had to issue a summons – we did not want to issue it. Nasty thing to cause issues between neighbors to pay the salary of newly appointed white elephants and code enforcement officer. I am pretty sure 600 neighbors in Ridgewood are not going to report their neighbors.

Our Village Manager hire a new Code Enforcement Office to ride around and issue tickets. Don’t try to put it on neighbors vs neighbor. Maybe where you came from that the way it happens. Now that the leaves are gone the newly hired Code Enforcement has to find something else to justify the job Roberta gave her.

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Ridgewood Code enforcement : neighbors are grinding old axes against other neighbors

Code enforcement Ridgewood

A common theme I keep hearing from my neighbors who call to question a policy or problem with the town departments is that when they question a policy which creates a hardship for issues like overnight parking code enforcement on several large home expansions the Village depts employees often say that it’s the neighbors are grinding old axes against other neighbors complaining about barking dogs,cars In the streets…unkept lots..this nanny nation mentality further foster the local government to create so many rules and codes on simple issues of common sense..if a hedge or a new addition to a back or side yard create a hazard the town should talk to them and seek a compromise rather than those codes and expanding mandates that take away too many rights like parking a legally owned car in front of the taxpayers House if expanded family number of cars exceeds the capacity of their garages and small driveways..common sense..overnight call in to the police if limited when you have no options and your children drive to school or work from their home too .A simple residents pass on back window would take care of this entire issue.I want the police doing other important things at night for the town and their administration than parking monitoring.