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FBI is Seeking Information on Individuals Inciting Violence During Peaceful Demonstrations

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the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Washington DC, The FBI respects the rights of individuals to peacefully exercise their First Amendment rights. Our mission of protecting the American people and upholding the Constitution is dual and simultaneous, not contradictory.

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Democrat party affiliation has tanked in recent months

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by Jordan B Rickards

Ridgewood NJ, There’s a story that’s being largely ignored by everyone, and it’s that Democrat party affiliation has tanked in recent months, after almost always being positive. In October, Democrats had an +8% advantage over Republicans in terms of which party Americans identify as (calculated simply as % Democrat minus % Republican = net +8 for Democrats), according to Gallup. This is a monthly tracking poll, and during the last three presidential elections, consisting of 45 total months of data, the Democrats have only had a negative rating versus the Republicans in 2 of those months, and even then they were just slightly negative, and it was early on in the campaigns, in September and October. Other than that, the Dems have been positive the whole time, and usually by a comfortable margin. In 2008, the Democrats were +14 at this point in the election cycle, and would peak at +18. Today they are -3, down from +8 in October, to +2 in November, to -2 in December and January. (The grey line on the graph clearly shows the Dems consistently under-performing the last three election cycles). Meanwhile, Trump’s approval has popped to 49% according to Gallup. It’s almost like the more the country sees what the Democrats actually are, instead of just thinking of them in hypothetical terms, the more the country is rejecting them. And the more Trump is secondary news to the Democrats’ dysfunction and extremism, and the more the country does well under him and all those apocalyptic predictions about his presidency prove to be the hyperbole they were, the more Trump becomes popular.

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Erdogan tells West ‘mind your own business’ over crackdown criticism

Obama and Erdogan

Agence France-Presse

29 JULY 2016 • 10:43PM

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has told the European Union and United States to “mind your own business” after the West expressed alarm over the growing crackdown against suspected accomplices in the failed coup.

“Some people give us advice. They say they are worried. Mind your own business! Look at your own deeds,” Erdogan said at the presidential palace, complaining no senior Western official had visited Turkey in the wake of the coup.

“Not a single person has come to give condolences either from the European Union… or from the West,” said Erdogan.

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UPDATE: Erdogan Vows to Punish Rebels as Leaders Say Coup Foiled

Turkey is in a state of uncertainty after an attempted military coup

Erdogan Vows to Punish Rebels as Leaders Say Coup Foiled

Selcan Hacaoglu SelcanHacaoglu

Firat Kozok FiratKozok

Onur Ant AnkaraWonk
July 15, 2016 — 4:13 PM EDTUpdated on July 16, 2016 — 5:43 AM EDT

Turkey’s leaders said they crushed an attempted military coup to topple President Recep Tayyip Erdogan after hours of clashes through the night that saw tanks blockading roads, soldiers fighting police and warplanes bombing the parliament in Ankara.

Almost 200 people, including dozens of coup backers, were killed and 2,839 military personnel were arrested, pro-Erdogan forces said. At dawn, about 50 rebel soldiers who had been blocking a bridge across the Bosphorus in Istanbul were shown on television leaving their tanks and armored carriers with hands raised. By Saturday morning, most international flights were canceled and streets in Ankara and Istanbul were virtually deserted with shops largely shuttered.




Turkey’s Army Says It Seized Power as Premier Vows to Resist

Selcan Hacaoglu

Turkey’s army says it seized power in the country as warplanes flew over the capital and tanks blocked roads in Istanbul. Prime Minister Binali Yildirim said his government is still in control and will resist.

The army said in an e-mailed statement that it took power to restore freedom and democracy. It said all international agreements will be honored.

The coup effort won’t be permitted to succeed, Yildirim told NTV television. He said army units have besieged “some institutions,” and he said police — traditionally closer to his government than the army — have been ordered to use arms if necessary. He said the elected government remains in power.