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5 Tips to Kick-Start Your Weight Loss Transformation

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Losing weight is a challenging endeavor. From snack temptations to those notorious plateaus that seem to happen along the way, any number of hurdles are bound to arise. Once all is said and done, though, hitting your target weight is an incredibly satisfying experience. Several methods can help you lose weight, keep it off, and reach your fitness goals, but some are more effective than others. Consider the following ways to help get your weight loss transformation off the ground. 

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5 Important Nutrients for a Balanced Diet for Your Cat

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The component of food known as nutrients provides a cats’ body with the energy and building blocks it needs to repair and replenish its tissues. Your cat won’t be capable of leading an average, active life without the right amount and balance of nutrients.

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Healthy Minerals That You Should Get in Your Diet

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Minerals are essential for a healthy body. They are involved in many biochemical processes and play a vital role in maintaining optimum health. Minerals are critical to the proper functioning of some of the most crucial parts of the body, including the immune system, nervous system, endocrine system, and more. Moreover, a mineral deficiency can cause various health problems ranging from muscle cramps to death. This post will examine multiple minerals that the human body requires to maintain proper function and keep you in good working order.

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The Top 7 Tips for Maintaining Good Mental Health

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Mental health is just as important as physical health, but unfortunately, it is often neglected. Many people feel like they should just “suck it up” and deal with their problems on their own. This is not the case! There are many things you can do to maintain good mental health. In this article, we will discuss seven of the best tips for keeping your mind healthy and happy!

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The Definitive Guide To Diet Suppressants For Losing Weight

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Losing weight is a challenge for many people. In fact, it can be downright difficult to shed those extra pounds, especially if you don’t know where to start. That’s why today we’re going to talk about appetite suppressants and how they can help you lose weight quickly and easily. Diet suppressants are a great way to jumpstart your weight loss journey, and in this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know about them!

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Wanna Lose Weight But Lazy To Go To The Gym? Here’s What To Do

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Are you looking for an efficient way to stay fit and be satisfied with your weight while enjoying the comfort of your home? Good news for you, since there are multiple ways to do it without going to the gym. Weight loss of one to two pounds per week is a safe and efficient method. As a result, a well-balanced diet combined with exercise can help you lose up to 32 pounds in four months. And most importantly, it is not necessary to join a gym to get in shape and lose weight.

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Top Reasons Why You Should Include More Omega 3 In Your Diet

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Omega-3s are a type of nutrient that you can get from food or from supplements. They help to build and maintain a healthy body. They have a number of benefits, including heart health and eye health. They can also be a great source of energy and can keep your immune system working the way that it should.

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Reasons Why You Need to Consider Organic Foods

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The popularity of organic food is increasing at quite an impressive speed, and this is because more and more people are starting to understand the implications of having an organic diet and how it affects their lifestyle as a whole. We can’t deny that with the pandemic and being forced into lockdown, so many of us have started to really pay attention to what we eat and are able to dedicate more time to cooking our own meals. If you’re still on the fence about this simply because you’re not sure what organic food really means, then read on to get a better understanding of why you should consider introducing organic food into your life.

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All You Need to Know About Horse Feed Balancers

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If you own a horse or wish to own one, you must learn everything about their diet, nutrients, and grooming needs to ensure their healthy development. In the past, the research around equine diet and nutritional needs was insufficient, which led to a shortened life span for most horses. With time, equine diet and relevant nutrition has been studied and researched, which has resulted in the development of several healthy diet plans and items for horses. One such food item that is gaining traction is horse feed balancers, which are loaded with nutrients needed by horses for healthy development. These come in the form of pellets and are fed to horses as a part of their daily diet.

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Helpful Tips to Starting Your Morning Off Right

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The way that your morning goes will determine the rest of your day. It is important that every single day of the week, regardless of how you intend on spending your day, you adhere to a strict routine that you never falter from. A lazy morning will lead to a lazy day, and a morning filled with activity and motivation will lead to a motivated, active, and productive day. You should ensure that every day you make the most out of your morning. Sleeping in and ignoring your alarm is a way to guarantee a lack of productivity. There are so many ways that you can start your morning off properly, and this page will offer you some of them so that you can make the most out of your day.

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Is The Anti-Gluten Frenzy About To Be Countered By A Pro-Wheat Comeback?


April 20,2017
the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ,Americans at one time lived their lives utterly unconcerned about the gluten in their diets. But an anti-gluten craze that erupted in the last decade has become so prominent that it spawned a $16-billion-a-year industry.

Gluten became branded as the enemy of good health, bestselling books scared the public away from wheat, and foods marketed as gluten-free popped up everywhere.

But it’s time everyone takes a deep breath and re-evaluates this whole “wheat-is-a-villain” attitude, says Dr. John Douillard, a leader in the natural health field and author of Eat Wheat (

“Wheat was found guilty without a fair trial and there are risks when we just blindly take a food that people have eaten for 3.5 million years and remove it from our diets,” Douillard says.

He’s ready to lead the charge in the opposite direction, though even Douillard acknowledges that avoiding gluten is the right move for certain people.

May, for example, is Celiac Awareness Month, which brings attention to the genetic autoimmune disease that damages the small intestine.

“People with celiac disease should avoid gluten, there’s no doubt about that,” Douillard says. “But for the greater majority of people, the anti-gluten frenzy has gone too far and needs to dial it back.”

Far from being a dinner-table scoundrel, wheat can be beneficial, helping to lower the risk of diabetes, obesity and Alzheimer’s disease, he says.

“The real problem is that processed foods have changed our digestive systems,” Douillard says. “That’s why people often feel bad when they eat wheat. But taking foods out of the diet won’t fix what processed foods have done to your system. That just kicks the problem down the road, leaving people at risk for more serious health concerns later on.”

So if going wheat-free isn’t the answer, what can you do to begin to improve your digestive system? That can get complicated, but Douillard has a few suggestions to get you started in the right direction:

• Eat more fiber. Aim for 50 grams of fiber in your diet each day. Make half your plate green vegetables, one-fourth starch and another one-fourth protein. Increase the amount of beans you eat. Of course, beans can be difficult for some people to digest, but one easily digestible bean is the split yellow mung bean. As your digestion improves, you can re-introduce other beans.
• Drink water between meals. The brain’s relationship with the rest of the body can be a funny thing. When people are dehydrated, the signals to the brain often get translated as hunger signals. So people scarf down an unhealthy snack when they should be reaching for a glass of water. A good guideline is 16 ounces 30 minutes before each meal.
• Don’t overeat. Perhaps it can be traced back to our mothers telling us to eat every bite, but people have a tendency to eat until their plates are empty rather than stopping when they’re full. Douillard says it’s better to stop even before you’re full. About three-fourths full is the way to go, he says.

“Your digestive strength is the key to a long, healthy and vital life,” Douillard says. “Whether you eat gluten shouldn’t be decided for you because of weak digestion. It should be decided by you based on what you prefer.”

About Dr. John Douillard

Dr. John Douillard, DC, CAP, author of Eat Wheat (, is a globally recognized leader in the fields of natural heath, Ayurveda and sports medicine, and is author of six previous health books. He is the creator of, the leading Ayurveda health and wellness resource on the internet. Douillard also is the former Director of Player Development and nutrition counselor for the New Jersey Nets NBA team. He has been a repeat guest on the Dr. Oz show, and has been featured in Woman’s World magazine, Huffington Post, Yoga Journal and dozens of other national publications.

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What we do and don’t know about dietary science.

By Jerome Groopman

Nutritional science is too complex to furnish easy answers about what to eat.Illustration by Ben Wiseman

In the early nineteen-sixties, when cholesterol was declared an enemy of health, my parents quickly enlisted in the war on fat. Onion rolls slathered with butter, herring in thick cream sauce, brisket of beef with a side of stuffed derma, and other staples of our family cuisine disappeared from our table. Margarine dethroned butter, vinegar replaced cream sauce, poached fish substituted for brisket. I recall experiencing something like withdrawal, daydreaming about past feasts as my stomach grumbled. My father’s blood-cholesterol level—not to mention that of his siblings and friends—became a regular topic of conversation at the dinner table. Yet, despite the restrictive diet, his number scarcely budged, and a few years later, in his mid-fifties, he had a heart attack and died.

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A Study on Fats That Doesn’t Fit the Story Line


Aaron E. Carroll


There was a lot of news this week about a study, published in the medical journal BMJ, that looked at how diet affects heart health. The results were unexpected because they challenged the conventional thinking on saturated fats.

And the data were very old, from the late 1960s and early 1970s.

This has led many to wonder why they weren’t published previously. It has also added to the growing concern that when it comes to nutrition, personal beliefs often trump science.

Perhaps no subject is more controversial in the nutrition world these days than fats. While in the 1970s and 1980s doctors attacked the total amount of fat in Americans’ diets, that seems to have passed. These days, the fights are over the type of fat that is considered acceptable.

Most of our fat comes from two main sources. The first is saturated fats. Usually solid at room temperature, they’re in red meat, dairy products and partly in chicken. The second is unsaturated fats, usually softer and more liquid at room temperature. They’re in fish, nuts and vegetable oils. Many doctors and nutritionists still argue, quite strongly, that the key to health is to emphasize the unsaturated fats. Others believe that’s misguided.

This week’s news came to us by way of a randomized controlled trial, which I’ve argued repeatedly is the best kind of study to determine how one thing causes another.

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The miracle that cured my son’s autism was in our kitchen


By Mackenzie Dawson

June 17, 2015 | 4:04pm

When a doctor told Susan Levin her 4-year-old son, Ben, was autistic, she was shocked. It was October 2007, and autism wasn’t mentioned in the media nearly as much as it is today.

“I remember thinking, ‘Oh my God. What are we going to do?’ ” Levin recalls. “Everyone knew autism was a lifelong disorder and couldn’t be cured.”

Except that in Ben’s case, it could be. And it was.

The family’s journey — the many treatments tried and dismissed, from biomedical interventions to speech therapy to occupational therapy and more — is detailed in her new memoir, “Unlocked: A Family Emerging From the Shadows of Autism.”

Levin doesn’t call this particular cure a silver bullet for autism: There is no silver bullet, no one-size-fits-all approach. Rather, she credits his transformation to a number of things, including a home based and child centered social-relational program called the Son-Rise Program.