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Reader says DO SOMETHING besides taking a selfie of you burning a flag

trump protests

I am deeply saddened and worried that Trump won but I am MUCH MORE upset with the people protesting this result. Are they protesting democracy itself? Protesting the results of a fair democratic election is an abomination.

Trump hasnt done anything yet. Hold your protests until you have an issue to protest. The time to act was 2 weeks ago when you could have been knocking doors and making calls. Now the people have spoken.

If you are upset by what you think might happen, then find a way to help on the people you think will be hurt. Sponsor an immigrant or refugee, work at a soup kitchen, help at a shelter for gay youth, help with jobs training programs, heck go to your local Democratic headquarters and offer to stuff flyers. But DO SOMETHING besides taking a selfie of you burning a flag.

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The urge to “do something” after the Charleston church attack inspires half-baked proposals.


Jacob Sullum | June 24, 2015

“If Congress had passed some common-sense gun safety reforms after Newtown,” President Obamasaid on Friday, “we don’t know if it would have prevented what happened in Charleston.” Actually, we do know: Had the bill to which Obama was referring been enacted, it would not have stopped Dylann Roof from murdering nine people at Charleston’s Emanuel AME Church last week.

Obama’s comment reflects the magical thinking that horrific crimes like Roof’s seem to invite: If only we had adopted Policy X, this might not have happened. That tendency—driven by the understandable desire to “do something,” as Obama put it—is most conspicuous among supporters of gun control but is not limited to them.

Obama was talking about legislation proposed following the December 2012 massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut—in particular, “reforms that 90 percent of the American people supported,” meaning expansion of the background check requirement for gun buyers to include sales that do not involve federally licensed dealers. But as CNN reported the day of Obama’s remarks, Roof bought the .45-caliber Glock Model 41 pistol he used in the church attack from a Charleston gun store, which means he passed a background check.

There is no reason to think he wouldn’t, since Roof apparently did not have a criminal or psychiatric record that would have disqualified him from owning a gun under federal law. Although he wasarrested for illegal possession of Suboxone, a Schedule III narcotic, in February, the misdemeanor charge was not enough to bar him from buying a firearm.