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State of the Union addresses Drinking Game


State of the Union addresses Drinking Game

The Executive Authority to Take a Drink: Reason’s 2014 SOTU Drinking Game
Peter Suderman|Jan. 28, 2014 2:21 pm

State of the Union addresses are sometimes described as laundry lists, but President Obama’s speech last year was more of a wish list — a series of hopeful ideas, most of which had little to no chance of ever going anywhere.

Take a drink, and click a link, any time President Obama…

Mentions inequality. Take another if, in the same sentence, he refers to “the wealthiest Americans.” Chug the rest of the bottle if he mentions “the 1 percent.”
Describes government spending as an investment.
Talks about economic mobility without noting that mobility has not changed in fifty years.
Forgets to apologize for lying when he said that people who liked their doctors and their health plans could keep them under Obamacare.
Says the words “nation building at home.”
Falsely insists that there’s no evidence of any abuses of power at the National Security Agency.
Grudgingly admits that the surveillance state may have gone too far—but calls for weak reforms that won’t rein in its power.
Credits Obamacare for its Medicaid enrollment, despite the fact that we have no idea how many Medicaid enrollees since October are for people who are newly eligible under the law.
Mentions Syria, which Obama wanted to bomb, and then (thank goodness!) didn’t.
Says anything interesting about foreign policy.
Falsely presents something as a false choice.
Starts any sentence with the words, “Let me be clear.” Double shot if it’s an ad-lib not in the prepared text.

Finally, take a drink any time the cameras cut away to Chad Henderson, the Obamacare poster boy who told reporters he was among the first to sign up under the law but hadn’t actually enrolled in health insurance. He says he’ll be there, as a guest of Texas GOP Rep. Steve Stockman.

As always, Reason encourages drinking responsibly. How else will you know when a politician is trying to pull one over on you?