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New Jerseyans Set to Guzzle 37.3 Million Eggnogs This Holiday Season

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  • And Americans are set to consume 1.2 billion eggnogs over the festive season. 
  • 2:42 p.m. is considered an acceptable time to drink the first eggnog of the day.
  • Interactive map showing how many spiked eggnogs are due to be consumed this festive period, by state.

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Eggnog isn’t just a festive drink; it’s a holiday tradition poured into a glass. It is a velvety concoction that marries the richness of cream and milk with the warmth of sugar and the complexity of beaten eggs. To this creamy base, a whisper of nutmeg and a generous measure of vanilla extract are often added. For those inclined to spirited versions, a pour of bourbon, rum, or brandy turns the drink into a toast-worthy treat.

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Time to Stop the Jersey Shore Mayhem

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the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Trenton NJ, Senator Anthony M. Bucco said a slew of stories of teenagers causing mayhem up and down the Jersey Shore this summer demonstrate that Governor Phil Murphy went overboard with new restrictions on police that deter and prevent them from taking action to enforce the law and keep neighborhoods safe.

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7 Facts You Should Know Before You Fill a Glass From Your Faucet


We use water daily for several purposes, such as drinking, cooking, washing, and bathing. Many of us do not give much thought to our taps unless something goes wrong. If you find a leak or a strong flow, perhaps it is time to look into the issue. People use faucets all the time, and they may not know the mechanism of such a simple plumbing piece. To help you learn more about what to consider every time you use your faucet, we compile a list of some interesting facts about your water outlet.

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How Much Water Should You Drink During Summer Months?


By Danielle Schipani  Hackensack Meridian Health

Everyone knows that staying hydrated is one of the most important ways of maintaining wellness. There are many benefits to staying hydrated, including higher energy levels, maximizing physical performance, and avoiding headaches.

But, does the amount of water a person should drink, change with the seasons? Should you drink more during the summer months?

“Typically, in the warmer spring and summer months people sweat more,” says Dr. Anne Park, D.O., a primary care physician at Hackensack Meridian Medical Group, who specializes in nutrition and obesity. “Dehydration can cause your blood pressure to drop, which can make you feel like you are driving with an empty tank,” explains Dr. Park.

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Reader says Ridgewood Sports Parents need to “Smarten up”

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I was at the football game at Giants Stadium and the football game the week before at RHS. Both featured parents and students who were obviously intoxicated.

I am no tea totaller and I have no problem with an adult having a cocktail or a couple beers with lunch or dinner before these events. But to go out and drink with intention of getting drunk is just gross. Especially with all these HS kids there. It is not right to get smashed in front of your kids.

I also dont believe in strict enforcement for the kids. I dont want breathalyzers for kids to attend events. Far be it from me to judge a kid who has a couple drinks before a game.

BUT when there are kids who can hardly walk and who are falling over other kids in the stands, the teacher or cops standing there have to step in. If nothing else by teaching there are limits you keep kids from getting out of control and doing harm to themselves or others. I saw behavior from kids at both games that should have had consequences. If you want to “go soft” then at least tell them to leave the event. In reality some of them probably should have received punishment from the school.

The bottom line is that at both football games, I was uncomfortable having my 1st grader there. I actively monitored the crowd because there was a real threat of a fight between parents and/or students at RHS and I was concerned about my kid getting trampled accidentally. At Giants Stadium, we actually moved seats to get away from the students precisely because there were some who were falling over trying to walk down the steps to their seats.

Bottom line: there is a line between creating a police state for parents and students and the free for all frat party that existed at those games I attended and now reportedly a the lacrosse games. We all have to smarten up or we will end up with strict enforcement from police and less fun for everyone.

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Problem drinking affects 33 million ,14 pct. of US adults


By LINDSEY TANNER19 hours ago

CHICAGO (AP) — Alcohol problems affect almost 33 million adults and most have never sought treatment, according to a government survey that suggests rates have increased in recent years.

The study is the first national estimate based on a new term, “alcohol use disorder,” in a widely used psychiatric handbook that was updated in 2013.

Five things to know about the research published Wednesday in the journal JAMA Psychiatry:


The revised handbook, the DSM-5, defines problem drinkers or those with the disorder as people with at least two of 11 symptoms, including drinking that harms performance at work, school or home, frequent hangovers and failed attempts to limit drinking. Mild problems involve two to three symptoms; severe involve at least six symptoms. The new handbook combined alcohol abuse and dependence, which had been separate disorders, added craving as one symptom and eliminated alcohol-related legal problems as another.

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Ridgewood Project Graduation drinking charges prompt changes


Ridgewood Project Graduation drinking charges prompt changes

JULY 4, 2014    LAST UPDATED: FRIDAY, JULY 4, 2014, 12:31 AM

Eight graduates at Ridgewood High School’s Project Graduation celebration at Benjamin Franklin Middle School (BF) on June 25 were removed from the all-night party and found in possession or under the influence of alcohol, according to a police report. Of the eight, one was taken to Valley Hospital while the rest were released to their parents, police said.

Following the commencement ceremony on June 24, seniors were taken by bus to a dinner dance. Between the dance and Project Graduation, the teens have time to change out of their white dresses and tuxedos at home before arriving by their own transportation to BF at midnight. Police officers Shayne James and John Ward Jr. were stationed at the event and monitored the new graduates as they walked into the celebration until they left, around 6 a.m.

Superintendent Daniel Fishbein said on July 2 that students next year would be taken immediately from the dance to BF, where they will change to prevent time for the students to drink or get alcohol.

“We do all types of things from just talking to them and having the parents talk to them, but unfortunately kids are resourceful and hopefully that one change of not having time between when they get off the bus and get changed at home will help alleviate that,” Fishbein said.

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NJT bans alcoholic beverages on on all trains for St Patrick’s Day


NJT bans alcoholic beverages on on all trains for St Patrick’s Day
March 13,2013
the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, On Saturday, March 16, alcoholic beverages will NOT be permitted on any train to and from New York/Hoboken. This policy will be strictly enforced. Beverages of any kind are prohibited at all times on board buses.

NJ Transit police arrested 16 people during St. Patrick’s Day last year, including two people who were charged with aggravated assault on two conductors. Most of the arrests were for disorderly conduct.