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Drones Could Be Next Tool for Ridgewood Real Estate Agents


file photo of the Ridgewood blog Drone

Drones Could Be Next Tool for Ridgewood Real Estate Agents
Real Estate News 
Jan 2, 2014 
By: Erik Gunther

Scott Gerami says he’s always “had a passion for gadgets and technology,” and after 26 years in real estate, he’s still looking for an edge to make his listings stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Over the past year, the REALTOR® and managing broker of RE/MAX in Naperville, IL, has been tinkering with a camera-equipped drone aircraft to make his real estate photography really soar.

Folks in the Chicago suburb shouldn’t be alarmed if they see Gerami standing outside a home with a control panel, piloting one of his do-it-yourself flying machines overhead.

The intrepid Gerami is not alone. According to The New York Times and Chicago Tribune, the next trend in real estate photography is being deployed in increasing numbers to capture new angles on high-end homes for sale.

While regulatory issues on these unmanned aircraft are still being sorted out, the birds-eye views are enticing to agents such as Gerami. “I’m looking for unique ideas to set myself apart,” he said.

After watching one of Gerami’s drone-driven videos, you’ll get a sense of how the next wave in real estate photography is taking flight. He first built a couple of “rough and crude” devices “from the ground up,” but he’s continued to make refinements that have allowed him to explore new ways of deploying his flying machine.

He said his latest model, his fourth, cost him about $1,200 to build.

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FAA probes drone in Conn. car crash

Regulating Drones

FAA probes drone in Conn. car crash

HARTFORD, Conn. — The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating the use of a drone aircraft that was reported last weekend at the scene of a Hartford car crash.

The use of drones for commercial purposes is prohibited by the FAA. Violators can be subject to penalties.