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Rurik Halaby For the Record Plants a Tree in Ridgewood

Rurik Halaby

file photo by Boyd Loving

by Rurik Halaby

Amazing scoop, worthy of Woodward and Bernstein. A Pulitzer in the offing?
For the record, I am personally supporting Rich Brooks, Evan Weitz, and Janice Willett. Rich I have known since he and Cynthia were active in the Red Cross. Evan and Janice I have only met recently.
For the record, I have not contributed a red cent to their campaign, and I have no plans to do so.
For the record I never interviewed them before I endorsed them and so I don’t know their positions on Valley, the Apartments, the Garage or Schedler.
For the record I am supporting them because they are people of the highest integrity, who embody the decent Ridgewood we moved to 47 years ago. People with vision and intelligence to help us meet the challenges of the future.
For the record, I don’t have a foggy idea who Valley is supporting if they are supporting anyone. I support Valley’s Renewal because the interests of Ridgewood’s Residents are best served with a world class hospital keeping up to date. And yes, wake up and smell the coffee, the courts will no BUT support Valley, Ridgewood’s Crown Jewel. And No, Valley does not pay me. It does not pay my wife either. She is a long-term volunteer who would be rich if she got paid minimum wage for every hour she spent volunteering there.
For the record, for you miscreants who criticize my wife: Ask the 1,000 people who enjoyed yesterday’s Daffodil Festival what they thought of the event which she organized. If every one of you misfits would spend a minute volunteering for every hour you spend belly aching, Ridgewood would be the proverbial Camelot you think you live in.
For the record for you ignorami who criticized my wife for planting daffodils and day lilies in the CBD, the topic of the Festival was to protect the pollinators. She was able to obtain a large supply of milkweed seed which grade school kids are planting at Twinney’s and elsewhere.
For Anon 1:16:
Rurik Halaby is a long-term resident who cares about the future of Ridgewood. Identify yourself and I will be pleased to discuss what Ridgewood is going through.
Rurik Halaby is the person who paid out of his own pocket for two mailers to go out to every household in Ridgewood encouraging people to vote. And to vote for whoever. But to vote.
Rurik Halaby, 75 years old, believes in the old Greek proverb: “A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.”