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The Anniversary of the “forced” rezoning Apple Ridge Property in Upper Saddle River

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the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Upper Saddle River NJ, Derek Michalski offered us more insights into the “Pleasant Brook debacle “, Another said anniversary is passing by: “Derek Michalski also from Upper Saddle River recounted to the Ridgewood blog ,” in the case of USR two developers father and son “forced” rezoning Apple Ridge property on USR mayor and Council and after obtaining the “rezoning signature” re-sold the same property to Toll Brothers for $20-30milion quick gain. if the town did this deal for its own benefit(residents) we wouldn’t have to raise taxes for decades to come. Thus such chaos is creating enormous benefit to developers and leaving communities in fear.” – YES THIS IS THE SAME 100 acres of DESERT Toll Brothers is using to dewater muddy water laden with arsenic and lead into Pleasant Brook. feeling nostalgic with James J Foytlin. “