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Former Village Manager should be the last person writing a letter in the Ridgewood News about nepotism


March 24,2018

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Wow Roberta shouldn’t be writing a letter in the Ridgewood News about nepotism. After all when Roberta was Village Manager she was one of the reasons tax payers are stuck with a below market value rent lease at the gatehouse. Roberta’s BFF Stacey Antine from which she knows from a Bergen school they graduated from got a fabulous lease on the gatehouse and a sweet contract for her business. Talk about helping a non tax payer succeed in Ridgewood and personally making sure her business is a success. Not only did Roberta help Stacey, Tim also provided services Healthbarn needed during his time with Parks and Rec.

Since Tim’s departure Nancy Bigos has continued in his place assuring Healthbarn weeps benefits other businesses don’t have access too. Such as classes that run thru Parks and Rec that are run at Healthbarn. Village claims it’s a partnership but Village doesn’t share in her profits. After all Healthbarn is still having its own classes during the Parks and Rec classes so who is helping who succeed?

It’s always baffled me how she got such a sweet deal but then I realized who backed her, the past council excluding Michael & Susan who voted against it. Roberta and Tim helped her along the way giving her perhaps inside information when she presented at VC meeting, because what she presented and what actually goes on isn’t the same. Replacing Tim with Nancy doesn’t change anything since she was one of the pack who brought this business to a neighborhood. It’s time to reflect on how much this business costs the tax payers and think about who has the tax payers back?

With Healthbarn violating her lease on several occasions and from what the neighbors can tell not getting fined only shows that they support the business not the residents.
Enough stop supporting Healthbarn and start supporting the taxpayers needs and concerns!!!!

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Former Village Manager Takes the Heat for One Sided ParkMobile Contract in Ridgewood

Roberta Sonenfeld

file photo by Boyd Loving

December 16,2017

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, The Village Council voted to terminate its contract with Parkmobile this week, after it was discovered that the Village had incurred huge service fees with the parking app they have used since 2015.

park mobile

The Fee issue was first raised publicly during an October meeting when CFO Robert Rooney told the council that the parking utility loses about 30 cents on the dollar every time the smartphone app is used. He said that since signing its contract with Parkmobile in February 2015, the village has paid $140,000 in service fees to the company.

Resolution 15-52 , the resolutions granting ParkMobile a 2 year contract ,clearly states that the Village will incur no additional service fees or contract fees .

Most of the blame has fallen on Roberta Sonenfeld who was the Village Manager, although she thought she was an elected official. The fact is she should never EVER have signed that contract when she was only authorized by resolution to sign a contract with NO ADDITIONAL FEES.

Reader stated , “that She bragged about her business prowess and being a Six Sigma expert. Based on her acrimonious, arrogant and ignorant behavior, she proved to be a Five Phi Failure!”


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Reader says the former Village Manager really thinks that by stating outright lies it will somehow make them come true.


Hahaha, read the Ridgewood News today that Ms. Sonenfeld says (and I quote)….
“The misinformation currently circulating about the Parkmobile contract is curious at best. No Village money goes to Parkmobile.” So speaks Ms. Roberta Sonenfeld.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is one of the many reasons why Ms. Sonenfeld was poison to our Village. Yes, Roberta, Village money DOES got to Parkmobile. Did you even read the contract you signed in March of 2015? Fifteen cents on each transaction goes to Parkmobile. So does 3% of the total transaction paid by the user (which includes the 35 cent fee the user pays, so Parkmobile collects twice). It has amounted to a TON of money over the past 2+ years.
Shaking my head. She really thinks that by stating outright lies it will somehow make them come true.

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Reader says former village manager at best was deceitful in her communication with the council and acted poorly on behalf of the village.


The past village manager led the council to believe that the village would incur only the 35 cents per transaction which would go to Park Mobile. She signed a contract with an additional 21 percent off the top.No one would have been okay with this. Why she was so determined to go ahead with this bad deal for Ridgewood is a mystery. Current council members who were there at the time were not made aware of the additional charges. It looks like the village is out close to 200,000 dollars due to this poor contract. Whether anything illegal occurred is unclear but it was a bad contract and it looks as though the past village manager at best was deceitful in her communication with the council and acted poorly on behalf of the village.

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New Jersey Local Finance Board Finds Against Village of Ridgewood’s former Mayor and former Village manager in Ethics Complaint

Paul_Aronsohn_theridgewood blog

file photo by Boyd Loving

November 28,2017

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, On November 13, 2017, the New Jersey Local Finance Board (LFB) issued Notices of Violation to the Village of Ridgewood’s former Mayor and former Village manager for authorizing and appearing in a video that advocated only one side of a referendum question that was pending before Village voters.

The ethics complaint was filed on June 13,2016 by the New Jersey Libertarian Party’s Open Government Advocacy Project with the Local Finance Board–the agency that enforces the Local Government Ethics Law.

The complaint alleged , “Mayor Aronsohn’s statement in the video that its purpose is to educate and inform the public about this issue, the video goes well beyond providing neutral facts. Rather, the video is clearly an advocacy piece intended to persuade Village residents to vote “yes” on the proposal. For example Mayor Aronsohn made the following statements at the noted times in the video.”

The Notices of Violation, issued against former Mayor Paul Arohnson and former Village Manager Roberta Sonenfeld, both arose out of a June 21, 2016 referendum question which sought $11,500,000 in bonds or notes to finance the cost of constructing a new parking deck. Under New Jersey law, government officials may use public resources to educate ,but not to persuade voters on public issues.

The LFB concurred and found that the one sided video was persuasive and not purely educational because it advocated only one side of the question and “urg[ed] citizens to vote ‘yes.'” Using public resources to persuade voters to vote “yes” on a referendum is unfair because the referendum’s opponents do not have access to those resources and have to use private resources to distribute their message.

Arohnson and Sonenfeld, by supporting and appearing in the video, were found to have “attempt[ed] to use [their] official position[s] to secure unwarranted privileges or advantages for [themselves] or others in violation of N.J.S.A. 40A:9-22.5(c).”


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Ridgewood Village Council Responds to Erroneous Assertions Made By Former Village Manager on Village Budget


file photo by Boyd Loving

May 9,2017

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, the Village council responds to erroneous assertions made by former Village Manager Roberta Sonenfled.

IMPORTANT: In response to a recent Ridgewood News letter to the editor written by Roberta Sonenfled: Residents should be cautious relying on the content due to errors, omissions and misrepresentations.

• Sonenfeld’s suggestion that the process wasn’t transparent is remarkable! The process follewed is the same shwas required to follow as former Village Manager. AS REQUIRED BY LAW, once the budget is introduced it must be reviewed by the Village auditor and afterwards, again as required by law, must be submitted to the State in THEIR BUDGET FORMAT for review with the completion of check list and all required documentation. This process is no different than any other year – even during those she was village manager. When the budget is advertised, it advises the public to contact the Village CFO with the appropriate phone number and extension. No phone calls have been received to date.

• Sonenfeld’s feigned surprise about the use of “rainy day” funds is curious since Sonenfeld utilized the surplus over and over again. She need only review her use of $3.032mil in 2015 and $3.3mil in 2016. The 2017 use of surplus, at approximately 10% more, is well within the amounts stipulated by the guidelines of the resolution recommended by Sonenfeld and adopted by Village Council last year for the utilization of “rainy day” reserves.

• Sonenfeld writes, “the budget proposes $7.4 million in authorized general debt for 2017 – an 88 percent increase over last year.” If she had provided the actual 2016 amount of $6.021 million ( authorized general debt) readers would have recognized her math error…. The increase in 21% NOT 88% – the difference is for possible property acquisition. Remember this is not incurred debt, IT IS AUTHORIZED BUT NOT ISSUED

• Too many error, omissions and misrepresentations to list!!!
Again readers should consider the source. Email if you have any questions:

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Former Village Manager’s Letter to the Editor Generates Flack


file photo by Boyd Loving

Letter: Ridgewood budget issues remain:

May 7,2017

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, in a recent letter to the editor former Village manager Roberta Sonenfeld looked to undermine the current Village Council on the Village budget . Tony Loving of Ridgewood asked “Doesn’t Ms. Sonenfeld have a formal ethics complaint pending against her? For allegedly using tax revenues inappropriately? And didn’t she resign in a huff? Makes me wonder about both the accuracy and intent of her letter.”

While the idea of a lawsuit was refuted by none other than Jan Philips.Anne LaGrange Loving followed up with some hard evidence “Actually, Jan, yes and yes. For those who are interested in the facts, here are three links to information regarding the ethics violation pending against Ms. Sonenfeld:”…/lawsuits-emerge…/94821932/…/ridgewood-mayor-manager-accused…/…/ridgewood-mayor-and…

Loving went on , “I was in touch with the complainant yesterday, and indeed the matter is still outstanding. It can take up to two years for resolution of these complaints.

And as far as “resigning in a huff,” we all read the letter of resignation, which was made public, and it was not exactly a friendly lovey-dovey letter of resignation.”

Ridgewood village manager resigns, citing ‘contentious’ work environment

Reader says Roberta was a time bomb waiting to explode left behind by the Aronsohn conglomerate


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Letter to Editor of the Ridgewood News Causes Social media Firestorm

Ridgewood News letter
February 18,2017
the staff of the Ridgewood
Ridgewood NJ, recent letter to the editor of the Ridgewood news causes a furor on social media. Initially, the letter suggested among other things that the former “breath of fresh air ” Village manager was fired when in fact she resigned.
The misinformation in the letter was later edited out by the Ridgewood News but not before the damage was done.
The staff of the Ridgewood blog had noticed the letter but felt it was what we call a “put up job” where a local special interest, usually a supporter of the former mayor and his schemes puts up a relative or friend to promote garagezilla and to attack the current council.
The push for garagezilla now being framed as the end all to be all solution in Ridgewood guaranteed to solve all problems in town.
The killer line in the letter for us was,”there are plenty of empty lots in the central business district perfect for a parking garage “.The key words being “empty lots”.
Jacqueline Hone‎ called out the Ridgewood News on Facebook claiming, “RIDGEWOOD FAKE NEWS OUTLET ⁉️ Why didn’t the Ridgewood News fact check? Why would someone write this, lie and stir up faux outrage? “
Even going as far as to post the resignation letter in the comment section, “Below, in comments, our previous Village Manager’s resignation letter. It’s proof our Mayor DID NOT fire her. This letter, Ridgewood News turning into a PR platform…Sad State of Affairs INDEED.”
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Which came as a surprise to us after all, with the election Paul Aronsohn both the Ridgewood News and Bergen Record seemed to amount to nothing more than PR for the former mayor and his grandiose plans for the Village of Ridgewood.
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Reader says supporters of the former Village Manager are no better, their display of loyalty to the dishonest, lack of integrity regime that is gone is pretty pathetic

3 amigos in action Ridgewood NJ

What’s really concerning is that these supporters of Roberta, et al is their acceptance of government that proclaims transparency yet goes to great lengths to lie and trick residents. Regardless if you really want a garage or high density apartments, tolerating the lies, deception and trickery makes you compliant. Actually, many of these supporters went to great lengths to assist Roberta, Paul, etc. because they wanted to ‘win’ the garage issue, etc. These supporters are no better, and their display of loyalty to the dishonest, lack of integrity regime that is gone is pretty pathetic. Thank goodness the majority of people are not like these supporters. Good prevails.