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Reader says Free Parking in Glen Rock will Attract All the Seniors


THIS Is a very relevant point

the elders as others before built this town

I guess Glen Rock will take the seniors cash in their
fine business district

free shoppers parking in the back street

VOR stores your toast .people won’t pay the higher
rare and deal with an App to replace
4 quarters and a quick look at 60 minutes
credit as they look at their timex

not dead yet

fat discretionary spenders Hoo Rah Glen Rock

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Kasschau Memorial Shell – Summer Entertainment Under the Stars


the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ,The Kasschau Memorial Shell Committee is thankful to the Village of Ridgewood for their continued support of the free summer concert series. So grab a lawn chair and head to the band shell.

Enjoy free musical performances under the stars, Tuesdays and Thursdays, throughout the summer at the Kasschau Memorial Shell at Veteran’s Field, Ridgewood.

Each show begins at 8:30 p.m. unless otherwise noted, in the band shell at Veteran’s Field. Bring a chair or blanket, but don’t cross the baseball field if a game is in progress.

Thursday, June 6, 2019 at 8 PM – 9:30 PM will be the kick off to the season “Tunes In June”.

Kasschau Shell 2019 Schedule
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Fifty-Eight Years Free Summer Entertainment Under the Stars 8:30pm at the Band Shell Veterans Field in Ridgewood


 K A S S C H A U  ME M O R I A L S H E L L  2016

July 3,2016

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Fifty-Eight Years Free Summer Entertainment Under the Stars 8:30pm at the Band Shell Veterans Field, Ridgewood, N.J.

Behind the Ridgewood Public Library N. Maple Ave. Between Franklin and Linwood Aves. Please bring a chair or blanket. Please do not cross over the baseball field if a game is in progress.

Thursday, July 7 “The Kootz” – Classic 60’s through 90’s Rock, Pop and Blues Sponsors: Wostbrock Home & Design Fish Urban Dining
Tuesday, July 12 THUNDERHILL – Country & Western Sponsors: Boiling Springs Savings Bank Village of Ridgewood
Thursday, July 14 The McVey Family Sponsors: West Ridgewood Dental Professionals Tarvin Realtors
Tuesday, July 19 Bucky Pizzarelli Quartet Sponsors: Daily Treat Restaurant Valley National Bank Thursday, July 21 North Jersey Concert Band Sponsor: Care One at the Cupola and Care One at Ridgewood Avenue Tuesday, July 26 Andy Cooney & His Band – Irish Night Sponsors: Boiling Springs Savings Bank Feeney Funeral Home
Thursday, July 28 TREBLE – Popular Rock Sponsors: Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill The Valley Hospital.

Tuesday, August 2 Bishop of Jazz and His Abbotts (Rio Clemente) Sponsors: Columbia Bank The Village of Ridgewood
Thursday, August 4 Mack Brandon & The Connection – Popular Gospel Sponsors: One Shop Wireless, Inc. BRANDfog

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Ridgewood YWCA to Host FREE Taekwondo Demonstration Class

March 14,2016
the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Observe and try out YWCA Bergen County’s new youth taekwondo program at their free demonstration classes on Tuesday, March 15, 2016. Demo classes will be held at 112 Oak Street, Ridgewood from 5:15 pm to 6:00 pm for children age 6 to 9 years and 6:00 pm to 6:45 pm for ages 10 to 14 years. Participants will learn patterns, sparring, and self-defense in addition to improving physical fitness and mental discipline. Open to all families. Parent waiver and onsite supervision required for participation in this demonstration class.

One of only two martial arts represented as an Olympic Sport, Taekwondo was founded in Korea and has gained huge popularity in recent years in the US. Translated, Taekwondo means “the art of kicking and punching” or “the art of unarmed combat”.
Instructor Dave Howell is a lifetime student of Taekwondo, attaining the Taekwondo 4th Dan rank in accordance with the Kukkiwon rules and regulations. He has been instructing children for over 14 years and has administered the promotion of more than 100 students to the level of Black Belt. In 2012, Howell coached a student to Gold place finish in their first International forms competition in Seoul, Korea.
YWCA Taekwondo classes run in 8-week sessions and are held at the YWCA’s 112 Oak Street, Ridgewood facility. Classes for children and youth ages 6 to 14 years are held Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:15 to 6:00 pm for ages 6 to 9 and 6:00 to 6:45 pm for ages 10 to 14. Register online ( or call Membership Department at 201-444-5600 ext. 400 for details
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Donald Trump live-tweets Democratic presidential debate


Dem debate message summary = More free handouts. They will be voting in droves. We need to get out and vote Trump BIG TIME!”

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump has predicted that Tuesdaynight’s first Democratic debate would be a bore — largely because he won’t be on stage. So the billionaire businessman took it upon himself to liven things up — by live-tweeting the event on his Twitter page. Brent Johnson, Read more

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Hillary Clinton Won (But It Won’t Always Be This Way)


The Democratic front-runner’s performance was as good as it was dishonest.

Hil­lary Clin­ton won. She won be­cause she’s a strong de­bater. She won be­cause Bernie Sanders is not. She won be­cause the first Demo­crat­ic pres­id­en­tial de­bate fo­cused on lib­er­al policies—and not her email scan­dal or char­ac­ter.

The em­battled front-run­ner won her­self a news cycle or two, be­cause she stretched the truth and played to a friendly audi­ence. It won’t al­ways be so.

It took more than an hour be­fore CNN’s An­der­son Cooper asked Clin­ton about the cov­ert email sys­tem she es­tab­lished as sec­ret­ary of State in de­fi­ance of fed­er­al reg­u­la­tions, sub­vert­ing the Free­dom of In­form­a­tion Act, thwart­ing con­gres­sion­al over­sight, and jeop­ard­iz­ing U.S. secrets. And, even then, her chief rival offered Clin­ton cov­er.

“What I did was al­lowed by the State De­part­ment,” said the wo­man who headed the State De­part­ment, “but it wasn’t the best choice.” Clin­ton noted that the GOP-led Benghazi com­mit­tee—the pan­el that dis­covered her rogue email sys­tem—is on re­cord try­ing to un­der­mine her cred­ib­il­ity. GOP par­tis­ans were par­tis­an, and yet, she dra­mat­ic­ally de­clared, “I’m still stand­ing.”

The Demo­crat­ic crowd roared. “I think the sec­ret­ary is right,” said Sen. Bernie Sanders of Ver­mont, a pop­u­list threat­en­ing Clin­ton from the left. “The Amer­ic­an people are sick and tired of hear­ing about emails.”

Pro­fes­sion­al Demo­crats and the party’s strongest voters are cer­tainly tired of hear­ing about the email scan­dal, but it’s not go­ing to go away—not with the FBI in­vest­ig­at­ing wheth­er con­fid­en­tial in­form­a­tion was mis­handled un­der Clin­ton’s sys­tem, and not with in­de­pend­ent voters los­ing faith in Clin­ton’s word.

Char­ac­ter and judg­ment are gate­way polit­ic­al is­sues. An un­trust­worthy can­did­ate might check all your policy boxes, might tickle your ideo­lo­gic­al but­tons, and might even grind away long enough to get your vote—but you’re not go­ing to like it.

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Today’s Anti-Capitalists Ignore the Fundamental Problems of Socialism

Bernie Sanders

JULY 27, 2015

Jonathan Newman

Anti-market and pro-socialist rhetoric is surging in headlines (see alsohere, here, and here) and popping up more and more on social media feeds. Much of the time, these opponents of markets can’t tell the difference between state-sponsored organizations like the International Monetary Fund and actual markets. But, that doesn’t matter because the articles and memes are often populist and vaguely worded — intentionally framed in such a way to easily deflect uninformed attacks and honest descriptions of what they are actually saying. In the end, they can all be boiled down to one message: socialism works and is better than capitalism.

While most of it comes from the Left, the Right is not innocent, since the Right appears to be primarily concerned with promoting its own version of populism, which apparently does not involve a defense of markets. “Build bigger walls at the border,” for example, is not a sufficient response to “All profits are evil!”

Instead of stooping to this level or simply resorting to “Read Mises!” (a more fitting response), we must show, yet again, that socialism — even under well-meaning political leaders — is impossible and leads to disastrous consequences.

The Necessity of Profits, Prices, and Entrepreneurs

Socialism is the collective ownership (i.e., a state monopoly) of the means of production. It calls for the abolition of private ownership of factors of production. Wages and profits are two parts of the same pie, and socialism says the profit slice should be zero.

The inherent theoretical problems of socialism all emanate from its definition, and not the particulars of its application. However, the supporters of socialism define “collective,” as no exchange of the factors of production. And without exchange, there can be no prices, and without prices there is no way to measure the costs of production.

In an unhampered market economy, the prices of the factors of production are determined by their aid in producing things that consumers want. They tend to earn their marginal product, and because every laborer has some comparative advantage, there is a slice of pie for everybody.

If technological changes make certain factors more productive, or if education and training makes a laborer more productive, their prices or wages may be bid up to their new, higher marginal product. An entrepreneur would not like to hire or buy any factor at a price that exceeds its marginal product because the entrepreneur would then incur losses.

Entrepreneurial losses are more important than many realize. They aren’t just hits to the entrepreneur’s bottom line. Losses show that on the market, the resources used to produce something were more highly valued than what they were producing. Losses show that wealth has been destroyed.

Profits give the opposite signal. They represent economic growth and wealth creation. A profitable line of production is one in which the stuff that goes into producing some consumer good costs less than what consumers are willing to pay for the consumer good.

As such, profits and losses are more than just important incentives, or cover in a conspiratorial capitalist class system; they are the only way to know that wealth is being created instead of destroyed in any line of production.

Under socialism, there is a single owner that does not bid factors away from some lines of production and toward others. Nobody is able to say, with any shred of certainty, that a particular tool or machine or factory could be used to produce something else in a more effective way. Nobody knows what to produce or how much to produce. It’s economic chaos.

Without Markets, We Can’t Know What or How to Produce

Profits and losses guide and correct entrepreneurs in the process of producing things they expect consumers will demand. Without this information, including the costs of production specifically, entrepreneurs cannot engage in economic calculation, the estimation of the difference between future revenues and the costs of production necessary to gain those future revenues.

Laborers are put to work in areas where they don’t have a comparative advantage. Farmers are sent to factories, and tailors are sent to the mines. Workers are in the wrong lines of production and have the wrong tools. Every morning, the economy looks like Robert Murphy’s capital rearranging gnomes just ransacked it.

The Polish film Brunet Will Call lampooned situations like this throughout the movie, with consumer and capital goods in the most unlikely places. A butcher pulls an automobile’s clutch cable out of his freezer, and gives it to the main character, who pays for it with information on the whereabouts of a double buggy for someone’s newborn twins (at the flower shop, obviously).

So the failure of socialism is not conditional on the culture, time, or place of the victims. Socialism is flawed at its core: the “collective” ownership of the means of production. As such, there is no way to enact a functioning, growth-inducing version of socialism anywhere. In practice, however, the theoretical problems of socialism give way to civil unrest, which is met with state force and results in a death toll higher than any official war ever fought.

Without profit motives to produce, quotas must be put in place. With quotas, even in the cases where workers don’t lie about their production, chaos still reigns. For example, if a nail production quota is based on the number of nails, workers produce a lot of tiny, unusable nails. A nail quota based on weight would encourage workers to produce massive, but still unusable nails — a situation lampooned by this cartoon in Krokodil during the 1960s.

Endless queues stretched across the USSR, filled with people looking for shoes even though shoe production in the USSR exceeded that of the US. The problem was all the shoes were too small, because shoe production was measured by number, with no regard for the sizes or designs consumers demand.

The Wake of Socialism

Some cases are funny; others are not. About seven million people died of starvation in the USSR just in 1932–33 (middle-of-the-road estimate based on manipulated data). The authors of The Black Book of Communism (1999) estimate the deaths of close to 100 million people are attributable to communist and socialist regimes. That’s more than 200 times the number of US deaths in WWII (and a case could be made that their deaths are attributable to socialism, too).

Even today, in Cuba, the average wage is about $20 a month. In North Korea civilians are routinely rounded up by the dozens for public execution for the crime of watching South Korean TV smuggled into the country.

When people are hungry and unhappy, the state cannot survive if the people know others are better off. The state uses propaganda, misinformation, and censorship to make an already captive citizenry even more confused and submissive.

So count me surprised to hear fresh calls for socialism in 2015 — if the strong economic calculation argument and astronomical death toll haven’t turned the Left off of socialism, I don’t know what will. The idea is both bankrupt and deadly in both theory and practice.