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French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen Tells Reporter: “No One Trusts The Media”

France's Marine Le Pen

March 14,2017
the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, In a fascinating exchange French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen tells a reporter that no one trusts the media and highlights how incredibly disconnected dishonest the mainstream media really is.

The reporter tells Le Pen her advice that people “turn away from the traditional media, (and) go and find news on the Internet” is “dangerous”, Le Pen responds, “why?”.

“Madame, French people have no confidence in the media whatsoever, are you aware of that, or not?” asks Le Pen.
Le Pen then goes on detailing what she considers the media’s deficiencies .

The same people who got it spectacularly wrong on Brexit and Trump are the same people who think the mainstream media is still trustworthy.