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How Power Generation Industries Do Their Job And What Equipment Do They Use

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The power generation market is expected to grow significantly in the next decade. According to a report from Statista, the volume of electricity generated globally has increased over the last few years and shows no sign of slowing down. Power generation happens through non-renewable or conventional and renewable sources of energy. Even though fossil fuels dominated the power generation industry in the past, new sources have been gaining adoption in recent years. Because of the increased demand for electricity, this has also fueled power generation activities. This guide will cover the different equipment used in power generation industries and their benefit to the companies.

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Electric Generators Are A Must For Your Business – Here’s Why

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Electric generators are vital for a great number of businesses to be able to function fully. If a power outage or a blackout occurs, companies need a generator to provide power, or they will have to close temporarily. A power outage can happen due to bad weather, a technical issue with the business’s electrics, or a grid problem. 

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Generators at the Habernickel Gate House Spark Outrage with Readers as Residents Go Without Power


“Generators have been placed at the Habernickel Gate House to avoid taxpayer funding of costly repairs resulting from frozen pipes, water heaters etc.”

Huh? Really? How many “generators” were placed at the facility? Is the temperature in the house being kept at just above freezing, or is it business as usual for the Healthbarn people? Are Healthbarn’s classes being allowed to continue despite the road conditions in the area? Why wasn’t the water just drained so the pipes don’t freeze? A weak excuse at best Mayor.

CONFIRMATION!!!! Mayor Knudsen just posted on FaceBook… “generators (plural) placed at the Gate House will prevent damage from frozen pipes, water heaters, etc. The Village is the property owners and costly repairs would be borne by Ridgewood taxpayers.

I just lost all respect for the Village employees who think it’s ok to put a business run by a non resident ahead of tax payers. No matter what they could possibly say they could never justify hooking up a generator so a for profit business can run while surrounding homes & families are suffering. What Hillcrest doesn’t need is more traffic being rerouted just to get to a Healthbarn class or party. If they want to protect the house against pipes freezing then no tenants should be in it. That’s not the case she came during the storm looked like she spent the night (violation against her lease) was at the house today. Neighbors are also at risk of pipes freezing & we are very worried but no clean up happening. It took 2 village trucks to hook the generator up while that was going on I had to be rerouted just to go 1 mile. The village employees that were at the gatehouse could of been picking up branches or trimming hanging branches from trees that would of been a better use of tax payer dollars.

Wake up Ridgewood Residents. There are SEVERAL improvements being done at this house – without increasing the rent.
The rent was set at a price based on certain condition of the house. Since it was rented MULTIPLE improvements was done – and they are HIDDEN in different budget codes (some from parks and recs, some from open space, some in capital improvement), so no one can track them.
All these expenses should have caused a rent increased. Also watch out in spring and summer – she is going to put out a tent EVERY DAY and occupy the park land and the play area.

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New Jersey Office of Emergency Management : avoid unnecessary travel today due to winter driving conditions on the roadways

New Jersey State Police

March 7,2018

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood Nj, New Jersey State Police recommend that if for some reason you’ve not already heard, New Jersey is set to get hit by another nor’easter. Much of the state is expected to get several inches of snow, particularly in the north. We strongly recommend you check you local forecast.

It’s been a rough March. We understand that many of you are still without power, using generators to get by. Meteorologists expect this March snow to be heavy and wet, which could cause branches to fall, taking out power lines and causing additional power outages.

Please plan accordingly now before the snow begins. As far as using generators, please make sure you use caution. Here are a few tips:
-Never use a generator inside your home, basement, garage or less than 20 feet from any window, door, or vent.
-When using a generator, use a battery-powered or battery backup CO detector in your home.
-If conditions are too cold, seek shelter with friends or call NJ 2-1-1 to find a warming center.

The New Jersey Department of Transportation, under authority granted to Acting Commissioner Diane Gutierrez-Scaccetti by NJSA Title 27:7-21.9, is requesting the New Jersey State, County and Municipal Police to remove any abandoned or disabled vehicles on State and Interstate Roadways. This request is effective from 12:01AM 03/07/2018 until 12:00PM 03/08/18.

Motorists are advised to be prepared and avoid unnecessary travel today due to winter driving conditions on the roadways. Be alert when approaching bridges and overpasses as they will freeze before the road surface.
For road conditions and travel updates visit