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Residents Say Closure of Glen School Pickleball Courts is a Form of Age Discrimination

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the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Age Discrimination is Live and well in Ridgewood. Earlier today the Village announced that it was closing the Glen School Pickleball Courts and the Tennis Courts until March 22. However they will keep the tennis courts at Somerville open for Tennis only. The PB Courts are frequented by many people. However many seniors use the Courts. Its their only form of exercise during Covid. This was done by the village in an arbitrary and capricious manner without any public comment. The fact that other like venues remain open is discriminatory. The fact that lacrosse soccer baseball and tennis are allowed to remain open clearly is a contradiction. The Ridgewood Pickleball Association has 153 members The bulk are seniors. This unilateral action by the Mayor not the Recreation Dept. clearly indicates that she has no concern for the Seniors in her community. Please reach out to the Mayor and have her rescind this order