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Former Freeholder Todd Caliguire Gets the Nod to Run Against Incumbent Democratic Executive Jim Tedesco

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Ridgewood NJ, former Freeholder and Midland Park resident Todd Caliguire has defeated Fort Lee realtor Linda Barba in the primary for Bergen County Executive. Todd Caliguire beat Linda Barba in the GOP Primary for the office of Bergen County Executive.

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GOP Senatorial Candidate Hirsh Singh Demands a Recount

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Linwood NJ,  With over 40,000 ballots not yet reported and over 27,000 ballots known to have been thrown away and not counted, Republican U.S. Senate candidate Hirsh Singh has filed for recounts in all 21 New Jersey counties.Singh has announced he is seeking a recount in the still-uncertified U.S. Senate race more than three weeks after the Primary Election took place.

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In Liberty & Honor, Sab Skenderi For Bergen County Surrogate

Sab Skenderi For Surrogate, Bergen County ,
I would like to take this opportunity to let Ridgewood residents know who I am as a candidate running for the primary elections as a Republican. 
As a person who espouses liberty and the ideals of our constitution, it is important to support like minded individuals. Running for surrogate entails safeguarding minors and those who need their wealth protected by appointing someone to administer on their behalf. It is a constitutional office and one that carries much responsibility. To all Republicans please keep me in mind in column 2 when voting in the June 7th primary elections.—In Liberty & Honor, Sab Skenderi For Surrogate
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Rep. Scott Garrett to face Two Republican Challengers in Primary

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Scott Garrett working on rail car safety in Bergen County 
April 4,2016

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Ridgewood NJ,  U.S. Rep. Scott Garrett, considered New Jersey’s most vulnerable House incumbent, will now face two RINO (Republican in Name only) Republican primary opponents before he can take on well-funded and Clinton connected and Wall Street connected Democratic challenger Josh Gottheimer in November.

Garrett has been under attack from his own party for a whole host of issues for years .He has received little to non campaign support form DC.

Garret has come under fire from his own party for not towing the party line and supporting DC’ s borrow and spending binge , not supporting the preordained GOP speaker candidate for the House , and more importantly opposing “to big to fail ” financial regulation .

Peter Vallorosi of Newton and Michael Cino of Demarest have filed petitions with the state Division of Elections to challenge Garrett in the state’s June 7 primary. Mr. Cino lost to Garrett in a landslide in the 2012 GOP congressional primary.

The New Jersey’s media claims Garrett has been also been criticized for allegedly saying he would not support the House Republicans’ fundraising arm because it backed gay candidates. Many insiders view the ‘gay issues” as a smoke screen.

However in a recent interview, the seven-term incumbent insisted that his litmus test was whether a candidate backed the Republican platform’s opposition to same-sex marriage, not the sexual orientation of a particular nominee.

Garret is a House Financial Services subcommittee chairman, and has been prolific fundraiser among Wall Street and banking employees. In response to his  media alleged comments, some companies have said they will no longer make political action committee contributions to his campaign. However, Garrett banked $2.4 million for his re-election campaign through Dec. 31., while his Democratic opponent, former White House speechwriter Josh Gottheimer, entered 2016 with $1.3 million in the bank.