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Ridgewood Baseball Softball Association 12u Raiders Black Team Heads to Cooperstown


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Distinguished alumni from Ridgewood High School earn spots in Hall of Fame

RHS Alumni Association Distinguished Alumni Event-March 10th, 2016


RIDGEWOOD – For the first time since 2008, awards will be given to former students by the Ridgewood Alumni Association.

The Distinguished Alumni Award Dinner, the first of its kind, will be honoring a few notable former pupils on the evening of Thursday, March 10. The honorees will be inducted into the Distinguished Alumni Hall of Fame, which was started “a couple a years ago” according to Ridgewood High School Principal Tom Gorman. It is to be run in a similar way to the school’s Athletic Hall of Fame, he added.

“Every other year, the athletic hall of fame inducts athletes,” he said, noting that a panel of judges makes the selections. “In the off-year, we will have this distinguished alumni event.”

The Alumni Association is responsible for deciding what makes a RHS graduate distinguished, according to Siobhan Winograd, a board officer and the group’s secretary.

“We came up with what is distinguished,” she said. “We have a definition. We sent it out there and had people write in [their definitions].”

“Once the alumni association … was able to connect with so many alumni via the website, we had an open enrollment and had a separate committee that decided to induct five people this year,” Winograd said. “We have a working list. People have gone on the website and told us their person’s story.”