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Readers say Handicapped spots are regularly abused in the Village of Ridgewood

ADA Handicapped Parking Sign K 1437

I’m handicapped (but not yet 80) but I have to totally agree with your statement. “I’m not parked, I’m just waiting for someone.” (Yeah, BUT you’re “waiting” in a handicapped spot making it inaccessible for use.) Funny, that young man (?) cut me off for the handicapped space and just ran up those steps. Gee, is his name really Gracie? That’s what is on the temporary placard. Handicapped spots are regularly abused…..

……Garage issue should be officially dead by now. There are many who have handicapped decals who shouldn’t have them, or have them because a family member is handicapped. Anyone who uses one of these who is less than 80 or is not clearly handicapped should be publicly beaten. I have approached more than one able-bodied handicap space user who was outraged that I questioned their sense of entitlement. they ruin it for all.