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Ridgewood Police :Heavy snow is coming, help us help you!!


file photo by Boyd Loving

Avoid unnecessary travel during the storm so the plows can clear the streets.

Do not park Vehicles on the roadway when snow is falling.

Do not shovel snow back into the roadway after the plows clear the street. Ordinance 249-1a.

If you have a fire hydrant near your house, clear the snow around it for emergency access.

Overnight parking permission is suspended until Thursday 3/16/17. There will be no permission granted to park overnight ordinance 249-48.

Snow and ice is to be removed from sidewalks no later than 24 hours after snow has fallen. Failure to do so subjects the property owner to a fine. Ordinance 249-1a.

To report an emergency dial 911. For a non-emergency response call 201-652-3900