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Readers defend AirBnb in Ridgewood


I have had many airbnb visitors, all very decent professionals, staying for various reasons, TI Pros working 1-2 or 3 month contracts, people that had construction going on because of a fire-damaged to their home and were sick of staying a hotel, CEO”s come in for 3 days , but mostly guests visiting family members for a few days coming to see newborns of there kids having kids from the UK.,Israel, Denmark, Japan.
I have never had a problem with anyone of these guests. And this has helped me out tremendously since I lost a love one that contributed to my loving home financially, a home I don’t wish to lose…..

So to the ignorant person that has threatened to call the IRS on your neighbor, you are a despicable neighbor that “ASSUMES” we don’t pay our taxes , with no proof what so ever !!!! So please call them and rear your ugly head out to all of us. Think of us when your having your $500 spa day and stuff your face with tartare. and getting your manicure and hair colored, god it’s been so long for me Maybe you should try getting a job so you wouldn’t have so much time on your hands to judge everyone around you. Make no mistake about, YOU ARE the person people talk about in town behind your back, and rightfully so you play the role so eloquently, ponder that the next time your gossiping, we all see right through those people, they are the black sheep in our community’s !!!!!!!

Unlike the bloviators here, I actually spent the time to do some research regarding my concerns about liability coverage and Air bnb provides coverage. I doubt the ban will stand and if it does, you’ll have neighbors spying on each other and calling the cops when a stranger parks in a driveway or goes into a house. Kind of echoes some activities from 80 odd years ago… maybe we’ll have to carry our “resident” papers too…