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Reader says I Think it is healthy that there is a housecleaning of the council because there was obviously mistrust


We are simply fortunate that this is a educated town for the most part and that the public serves as checks and balances. Think it is healthy that there was a housecleaning of the council because there was obviously mistrust whether warranted or not. Certain issues can now be looked at with a relatively clean slate. though some large issues like Valley will still carry forward. On that matter, I hope Ridgewood will stand its ground and not accept any cave in and also follow what other communities are doing as far as challenging the farcical tax exempt status From experience , local govt isnt easy especially for newcomers who are usually idealistic before realities set in. NJ govt excesses and obligations to an over sized public sector has impacted all municipalities .

I can say that no one should come in to local politics with a personal agenda unless it is to serve their community. Shouldnt be a stepping stone to better and greater things. Ridgewood doesnt need career politicians but civilans that fight for their townspeople at every turn. Unfortunately influence peddlers muddy the waters so much that which was once a clear vision become foggy. It can be difficult to stand against the self interests of the influential when you become influential enough to be in those circles.Others simply make mistakes out of good intent.
I wish this new council the best and hope that they remember that they were elected to serve their community first and foremost. This isnt about them but the overriding wishes of the majority. Best advice I can give is to listen to your citizenry and communicate with them with honesty. Never gonna make all happy but Ii people respect your reasoning then they can accept even if they cant embrace