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How much coffee do YOU drink? Study reveals why some of us need five cups a day while others can manage on one


Genetic variation means some don’t need as much coffee to get a kick
Change in the PDSS2 gene makes it harder for body to metabolise caffeine
People without the variation process caffeine faster and so drink more  


PUBLISHED: 08:15 EST, 25 August 2016 | UPDATED: 12:02 EST, 25 August 2016

our desire to grab coffee from Starbucks could be written in your genes, scientists claim.

New research has found people with a certain variation of a gene don’t need to consume as much coffee to get a caffeine hit – quelling their urge for more.

The gene in question is called PDSS2 – and the variation reduces the body’s ability to break down caffeine – causing it stay in a person’s system for longer.

Those without the variation metabolise caffeine more quickly and as a result, are more likely to have an extra cup each day.

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