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NJTPC Special Guest Speaker James Foytlin of the Ridgewood blog

June 18,2017


Teaneck NJ, NJTPC Special Guest Speaker James Foytlin of the Ridgewood blog , 650 American Legion Drive, Teaneck NJ – Jine 20, 7PM (Don’t forget to bring a pantry item for the American Legion food drive-support our veterans’ good works) We are pleased to have as our guest speaker, James Foytlin of “the Ridgewood blog”

You will learn the story of how the blog transformed, and:

What is a blog
How to set up and run a blog
How to survive as a conservative blogger
How and where to source info….
How to get paid $$$

The Ridgewood blog was founded in March of 2006 by James J Foytlin aka PJ Blogger . Mr. Foytlin was born and raised in Ridgewood ,New Jersey.

After many years living in New York City, Mr. Foytlin returned to Ridgewood after the tragic events of 9/11. Once he settled in he noticed a lack of sufficient news coverage of local events. How could this be? Ridgewood is a picturesque upper middle class village of around 25,000 located in Bergen county in northern New Jersey. Founded by Dutch settlers before it became an English colony. The town or village as its called is steeped in rich history and tradition .Known for a large amount of Victorian era housing , a quality school system and a family friendly atmosphere.

In 2004 the Village of Ridgewood had finally completed it’s much anticipated and long delayed renovation of the Village hall which had been flooded out due to Hurricane Floyd. The renovation was marred by huge cost over runs and lengthy delays. In 2005 it opened with great fan fare, was once again flooded with the very first rain . Mr. Foytlin was more shocked by the abject lack of responsibility taken by elected officials than the fact that the $9 million dollar renovation had to some extent been a failure . That was the breaking point and Mr. Foytlin had had enough so he decided to give citizen journalism a go and created the Ridgewood blog in March of 2006.

If you have a message to be heard…..come and find out how…do you want to have your voice be heard with a blog?  Maybe you want to do the same but need to understand more.  Come and learn that ‘more’.  Everything begins with that first step…………

See you Tuesday!  Bring a friend!!