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It’s Really Time for Harwin to Resign from the Council Election

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April 17,2018

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, it seems Ridgewood non Partisan Politics have hit a new all time low this might be the lowest we’ve seen in Ridgewood yet. Ridgewood Votes 2018 sent out what could be considered the most offensive bigoted, disgusting campaign literature we have ever witnessed.

In what can now be only considered pure smear campaign , filled with lies. The letter goes on maligning not only a the mayors character but attacks Catholics from Our Lady of Mount Carmel and our Catholic school and Jamboree as well.

The Harwin campaign with nothing to run on except it lame attempt to slander Mayor Susan Knudsen . This conduct is SO far beyond the pale of good citizenship it bodes like the ruination of our community spirit.

None of the accusations are true. All have already been proven totally 100% false ,for one example, the flyer says that Susan accepted a $25000 prize from an organization with a vested interest in the parking garage. Clearly they were referring to OLMC, yet the raffle was not held by OLMC, but by another church in Glen Rock. Further, at a recent candidate coffee, a Ridgewood resident (who didn’t seem to know Mayor Knudsen) stated that he was the organizer of the raffle and there was no way that it could have been “fixed”.

The letter despicable letter was written by Hans-Jurgen Lehmann, Chairman of the Board of Adjustment and husband of Jan Phillps .

The question arises does Alexandra Harwin have a platform she’s running on or is it solely based on pointing fingers and slander? On the Ridgewood blog they have made attacks claiming ,anti Semitism, sexism, intolerance and nepotism . They have attacked both the Ridgewood Police Department and the Ridgewood Fire department . They have also used children to push they “agenda” at Ridgewood High School.

It’s pathetic and eerily smells like Paul Aronsohn has his hands in this. There is an undeniable connection between Paul Aronsohn, Jan Phillps, Jeff Voigt, Rurik Halaby , Gwenn Hauck ,Al Pucciarelli, Don Delzio, Hans-Jurgen Lehmann and Alexandra Harwin .

Hawin should disavow this mailer and resign from the council election immediately and Hans-Jurgen Lehmann should be terminated as Chairman of the Board of Adjustment .