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Does Salt Water Damage Gold: Tips to Protect Your Jewelry

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Venturing into the vast, sparkling world of jewelry, we often find ourselves enchanted by the shimmer of gold. Gold jewelry, a staple of elegance and wealth through the ages, adorns many with its captivating allure. But beyond its beauty lies the practical aspect of care and maintenance, especially when it comes to the interaction with elements like salt water. The ocean, with its salty embrace, poses a unique challenge to the longevity and luster of gold jewelry. This raises an intriguing question: Does salt water damage gold, and if so, how can we protect these precious items from the harsh realities of nature?

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“3rd Annual ‘Grace’s Closet’ Outreach for Teens; Free Giveaway of Prom Dresses, Tuxedos & Accessories; Open to All”

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Rutherford NJ, Rutherford’s Grace Episcopal Church is pleased to announce its third annual outreach, “Grace’s Closet” to area students who may want to attend prom this season, but who may be  unable to afford outfits and accessories. Tuxedos and suits have been added this year. This event is open to all, regardless of town or county of residence. Last year’s event was a significant success affecting 600+ local teenagers by providing them with elegant prom attire and accessories, and having a transformative effect on their confidence and overall experience.  Continue reading “3rd Annual ‘Grace’s Closet’ Outreach for Teens; Free Giveaway of Prom Dresses, Tuxedos & Accessories; Open to All”
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How To Grow Your Retirement Savings Safely

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Retirement is a time for enjoying life. You can take trips that you always wanted to take or stay home with the kids after school is out. However, this is only possible if you have retirement savings. Many people don’t know exactly how their retirement savings are growing until it’s too late. Don’t wait till it’s too late. Here are safe ways to grow your retirement savings. 

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How You Can Benefit From Wearing Moldavite Jewelry

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There are many secrets in the universe that mankind has not yet discovered, but one thing is for sure; everything in it is connected in one way or another. That fact is the main concern of those who seek to know more about that connection and how they can use it for their benefit. Spiritual healers use specific natural gems and stones that they believe can have the power to affect us. Moldavite, for example, is a rare cosmic green glassy stone formed millions of years ago through a destructive meteor impact and only found in Czechoslovakia. 

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How to Wear Jewelry with Casual Clothes?

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Ridgewood NJ, Some women think that it’s somehow tacky to wear jewelry except for the wedding ring with a diamond. However, true diamonds can be found on Other women buy jewelry just to cheer themselves up after a hard workweek, but they still do not know how to combine clothes and another “tremendous catch.” So, if you are not the second cousin of Queen Elizabeth II, you should be aware of how to wear jewelry with your favorite sweatshirt.

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27th Annual Holiday Craft Fair in Ridgewood- sponsored by Unitarian Society of Ridgewood

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Ridgewood NJ, Holiday Crafts in Ridgewood, the best-kept secret in Bergen County, you can shop hand-made crafts for the holidays with prices to suit every budget. Items include jewelry, pottery, hand-made cards, children’s items, baskets and functional woodenware to name a few. The event is held at the Unitarian Society of Ridgewood, 113 Cottage Place, Ridgewood, NJ 07450 on Friday, November 16th with reception from 7-9:30 pm and Saturday, November 17th from 10 am – 5 pm. The two-day event is a fund-raiser with free admission benefiting the Youth Development Program C.A.M.P. in Paterson, NJ.
For information, call 201-444-6225.

Contact: Marcy Cagan, 201-825-7264

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Sorry, Nobody Wants Your Parents’ Stuff

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Advice for boomers desperate to unload family heirlooms

By Richard EisenbergMoney & Work EditorFebruary 9, 2017

After my father died at 94 in September, leaving my sister and me to empty his one-bedroom, independent living New Jersey apartment, we learned the hard truth that others in their 50s and 60s need to know: Nobody wants the prized possessions of your parents — not even you or your kids.

Admittedly, that’s an exaggeration. But it’s not far off, due to changing tastes and homes. I’ll explain why, and what you can do as a result, shortly.

The Stuff of Nightmares

So please forgive the morbidity, but if you’re lucky enough to still have one or more parents or stepparents alive, it would be wise to start figuring out what you’ll do with their furniture, china, crystal, flatware, jewelry, artwork and tchotchkes when the mournful time comes. (I wish I had. My sister and I, forced to act quickly to avoid owing an extra months’ rent on dad’s apartment, hired a hauler to cart away nearly everything we didn’t want or wouldn’t be donating, some of which he said he’d give to charity.)

Many boomers and Gen X’ers charged with disposing the family heirlooms, it seems, are unprepared for the reality and unwilling to face it.