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Community Resource Council  Will Honor John Mitchell, President of Fort Lee Rotary and Former Bergen County Freeholder Chairman


October 26,2017
the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Fort Lee NJ, The Community Resource Council  is honoring John Mitchell, President of Fort Lee Rotary and Former Bergen County Freeholder Chairman on December 6th with the prestigious  Dr. Harry Brandeis Community Service Award.


visited the Zabriskie Schedler House 2013

Each year the Community Resource Council is pleased and proud to award the Dr. Harry Brandeis Memorial Community Service Award. Dr. Harry Brandeis was a
highly respected, distinguished Bergen County physician and philanthropist who served as the president of the Community Resource Council Board of Trustees for many years.
This award was established to honor Dr. Brandeis’s memory and is accorded to individuals that have made significant contributions to the community.

The Community Resource Council established in 1933 is a recognized vital resource center that informs and educates about the health and human services and resources
available in the Bergen County area, State of New Jersey, and the Nation. The CRC has become a “last resort” agency for all those needing help.

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10 Must-Watch Bergen Races on Tuesday night

cosgrove team

First Responders are my Heroes……and that certainly applies to this brave group from Fair Lawn. The Cosgrove Team hosted a wonderful event recognizing their fabulous EMS personnel, fire fighters and other stand outs for the life saving work they do. Bravo! — with Ken Tyburczy, John Gil andJohn Cosgrove at Fair Lawn AC.


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By Matthew Gilson | The Save Jersey Blog

#1 – Freeholder Race

The main attraction county-wide is yet another annual Freeholder Board control battle. The race for two three-year terms is growing increasingly competitive with former Freeholder John Mitchell looking to return to the post he held for three years and Ramsey CouncilmanKen Tyburczy mounting a strong showing. For the Democrats, Steve Tanelli is the stronger of the two incumbents and will be challenge to beat, but look for Republicans to pick off at least one of the two with Tracy Zur being exceptionally vulnerable. For the one-year term, union strongman Tom Sullivan takes on Daisy Ortiz-Berger. Ortiz-Berger would bring desperately needed diversity as the five old white Democrats currently on the board do little to address the needs of the county.

#2 – District 38

What can be said that has not been said? All that aside, District 38 remains our strongest opportunity to pick up a seat north of the Atlantic City Expressway. It is unknown what kind of impact Anthony Cappola remaining on the ballot will have in the race to replace Assemblymen Timothy Eustace and ‪Joe Lagana, but a strong showing even in a loss could set Mark DiPisa up nicely for a rematch in 2017. Which brings us to our next race…

#3 – Fair Lawn

Mayor John Cosgrove and his team can take complete control of local government with a sweep on Tuesday. Cosgrove himself is a heavy favorite to win re-election, and his team of John Gil and Marc Zharnest has made an aggressive push to incumbents Kurt Peluso and Lisa Swain. The signs say “The Cosgrove Team” for a reason; he is incredibly popular and has a tremendous record as the mayor and decades of community service. Looking ahead to 2017, Cosgrove, the favorite to take on Senator Bob Gordon, would be hard-pressed to pass on a run with a strong victory tomorrow.

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Campaign for Bergen County freeholder keys on the basics: spending less



The candidates for Bergen County freeholder stuck close to the core issues of their campaigns in their third and final debate Friday evening.

Democratic incumbents Steve Tanelli, Tracy Zur and Thomas Sullivan talked about saving money and making government more efficient by folding the County Police into the Sheriff’s Office. But they also spoke about having restored funds for education and the need to improve transportation and deal with the heroin epidemic.

Republican challengers John Mitchell, Ken Tyburczy and Daisy Ortiz-Berger hammered away at their main issues of property taxes, spending and debt. They vowed to reduce taxes through a “zero-based” budget process that requires every dollar be justified and a 1-percent cap on increases in new spending.

And Libertarian Peter Rohrman pledged to cut programs such as senior lunches, sell Bergen Regional Medical Center and privatize other county services. He also reiterated his call for an investigation into complaints against the office of Prosecutor John Molinelli, who indicated this week that he expects to step down soon after being informed he is being replaced by Governor Christie.

Zur said fostering more shared services is the key to controlling spending. “That is the only way we’re going to keep taxes down,” she said. She also cited the need for more job creation.

Tyburczy countered that high property taxes are driving jobs out of the county.

“I believe if we can get the debt down, we can create jobs,” he said.

Rohrman noted that freeholders from both parties unanimously approved a budget that increased taxes by 4.3 percent this year.

“Libertarians like to say ‘No,’” he said. “I will not vote for any increases.”

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Union Money Funds Democrats in Bergen Freeholder race

John Mitchell Radburn

Republican candidates John Mitchell, Ken Tyburczy and Daisy Ortiz-Berger

Democrats have raised nearly seven times more than GOP challengers in Bergen Freeholder race

OCTOBER 30, 2015, 7:23 PM    LAST UPDATED: SATURDAY, OCTOBER 31, 2015, 2:15 PM

As the race for three seats on the Bergen County Board of Freeholders winds down, campaign spending reports show that the three Democratic incumbents have raised nearly seven times more than their Republican challengers.

Democratic Freeholders Steve Tanelli, Tracy Zur and Thomas Sullivan had raised about $434,654 according to reports released on Thursday by the state Election Law Enforcement Commission.

Republican candidates John Mitchell, Ken Tyburczy and Daisy Ortiz-Berger had raised about $62,132 during the same period.

Democrats currently hold a 5-2 majority on the board. Republicans would have to sweep all three seats to regain control.

The reports show that Sullivan, president of Local 164 of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, was the top fund-raiser among all the freeholder candidates.

His individual campaign reported $126,210 in contributions, many from labor unions such as the New Jersey Building and Construction Trades Council, which contributed $1,500.

Zur, a former municipal judge from Franklin Lakes, raised $98,430 and Tanelli, a former North Arlington councilman, raised $24,532.

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Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno Joins Republican Freeholder Campaign focusing on Reducing Property Taxes


Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno Joins Republican Freeholder Campaign focusing on Reducing Property Taxes

October 25,2015

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Park Ridgewood NJ, John Mitchell  and the Republican Bergen County Freeholder team was joined by Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno at our District 39 headquarters. Her straightforward message was this: Stay on point about reducing property taxes and continue to work hard until the polls close on November 3rd.

As for reducing property taxes ,it’s interesting that the Democrats claim to have saved The Bergen County Taxpayers $200 Million on the Police Merger when it was then Freeholder John Mitchell who started the wheels moving on that project.

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The 4.3% Budget Passed yes at 7-0 but if not for the efforts of Republicans John Felice and Maura McMahon DeNicola that number would have been closer to 6%. Easy to call it a Bi-partisan Budget Solution when you outnumber 5-2.

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Mitchell Fires Back Regarding Claims He Failed Taxpayers


John Mitchell in Ridgewood Schedler Property

Republican Freeholder candidate John Mitchell has released a response to allegations made by Bergen County Democrats that he did not comply with former County Executive Kathleen Donovan’s resolution to eliminate stipends for part-time county employees in 2012. Alyana Alfaro, PolitickerNJ Read more

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Top 10 Reason to Vote for John Mitchell, Daisy Ortiz Berger and Ken Tyburczy for Bergen County Freeholder


October 13,2015
by Patrick Basel

Top 10 reasons Tracy Zur Tom Sullivan and Steve Tannelli should be voted OUT of office and Bergen County residents should vote for all of column one including John Mitchell ,Daisy Ortiz Berger and Ken Tyburczy for Bergen County Freeholder.

10. The democrats raised your taxes 4.3% this year.
9. The democrats wanted to tax school districts for use of County parks.
8. The democrats are wasting a million dollars on an ice skating rink when other issues are much more pressing.
7. Bergen Regional is understaffed and workers are being attacked the democrats solution is to add more members to committee of cronies to do nothing but talk about problems.
6. The democrats say they are for a minimum wage of 15.00 an hour but don’t even offer that to campaign workers.
5.The democrats refuse to take action on Bergen County prosecutor Mollinelli despite lawsuits mounting and questions about lost evidence.
4. The democrats refused to let a victim of a sexual crime be heard at a public freeholder meeting because the doctor accused of the crime gave a 500000 donation to their former boss.
3.Over 10000 jobs left the state this summer.
2. Sullivan is an appointed yes man. He has never been elected and will vote whatever way Tedesco wants. Tedesco has taxed people as a Freeholder Mayor and County executive and will continue to do so if you allow his politically appointed yes man to stay in office.
1. John Mitchell has a proven track record both balancing your budget without a tax increase as well as working in a two party system as chairman of finance. He also worked on behalf of the disabled community which I am a member of as well as for seniors and veterans. He doesn’t make empty promises he delivers solid solutions. On November 3rd bring John Mitchell back with the rest of Column one. They will restore honor and integrity back while putting the voters interests before the special interests.

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Bergen Democrats Angry at John Mitchell for not helping them Continue to fleece taxpayers


“I truly wish that the Bergen Dems came up with an innovative bag of tricks rather than pulling out the same old, tired ones that they use time and again. Here’s the real deal. Zur is in trouble, so they’re attempting to muddy up John. It is imperative that we (all) stand firmly behind John Mitchell and help him return to the Bergen County Freeholder Board. I will be voting for him on November 3rd.” Dierdre Paul


Bergen Dems Claim GOP Freeholder Candidate ‘Turned Back on Taxpayers’

By Alyana Alfaro | 10/09/15 4:34pm

A statement released by Bergen County democratic freeholders Tracy Zur, Steve Tanelli and Tom Sullivan alleges that former freeholder and current Republican candidate John Mitchell “turned his back on taxpayers” when he was serving on the Board of Chosen Freeholders.

The group claims that Mitchell “did not want to get involved” in an April 2012 action by then County Executive Kathleen Donovan to cut benefits and pensions from part-time commissioners of the Northwest Bergen County Utilities Authority.

The Democrats’ statement alleges that “Mitchell’s unwillingness to take action set off a costly legal process that began with Donovan’s firing of commissioners two weeks later.” It also claims that “it is difficult to imagine that John Mitchell would have experienced such reluctance had he not been trying to protect some of his political buddies.

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John Mitchell just Might be the Hardest Working Freeholder Candidate this County Has Ever Seen

11850488_10204751800136457_9046489645370696753_o (1)
October 5,2015
the staff of the Ridgewood blog
Ridgewood NJ, Unlike past years this years Freeholder contest is all about meeting and getting to know Bergen county. Candidate John Mitchell has been making the rounds non stop from months listen to what people in the county are concerned about .
It was a “Win-Win” at the Ridgewood train station this morning…

…It was a “win” that I was able to help a commuter understand the intricacies of the unfair school funding formula and how it impacts his ever rising property taxes. And it was also a “win” that I had a chance to meet hundreds of residents in this beautiful town.

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“I’m always nervous when speaking to a large group of women and particularly beautiful women”…

…was my quote at the Republican Women’s Annual Candidates Showcase. In all seriousness though, the Bergen County Republican Women are the BCRO’s heart and soul and I very much appreciate their tireless hard work and support!

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What is a Freeholder?…

…That was the operative question of the morning at the Oradell train station. When I explained that the The Board of Chosen Freeholders acts as the legislature for Bergen County and controls what county government can spend, things became a bit clearer…and certainly the commuters were happy to hear that my running mates and I have specific plans on how to reel in the ever burdensome property taxes hoisted on the backs of our hard working citizens.

…The Oradell train station also accommodates surrounding towns including the great town of New Milford. I was joined by New Milford Council Candidate Matt Seymour along with Oradell Council President Donna Alonso. Our tag teaming of commuters from the various towns was very productive indeed

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“The Junior Statesmen of America”…

…were NJ Assemblywoman Holly Schepisi’s and my audience at Dwight Morrow High School. The subject today was how state and county government works followed by a rapid fire Q&A covering everything from the presidential election, Planned Parenthood, to how we entered politics. They kept us on our toes but is was very enjoyable for all.

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“I love Bergen County but I know when I retire I will no longer be able to afford to live here.”…

…This has been a common sentiment as I campaign across the county, and River Edge was no exception. For that very reason my running mates and I have made it our top priority to tackle this problem, with property tax reduction at the top of the list.

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“Paramus is a great place to live but please help us keep it that way!’…

…That was what I heard from the hard working commuters/voters at the Paramus Park & Ride this morning. Business attraction, business retention and the elimination of unnecessary business regulations summarizes the conversations I had. Will do!

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Labor Day Campaign Kickoff: Bergen Candidates Campaign in Rutherford


Republican challengers Ken Tyburczy, John Mitchell, and Daisy Ortiz-Berger.
By Alyana Alfaro | 09/07/15 4:03pm

To celebrate Labor Day—widely considered the unofficial start of campaign season—candidates and elected officials from all over Bergen County were out in full force at Rutherford’s annual Labor Day Street Fair. The candidates walked down the crowded rows of vendor booths on Park Avenue to preach their missions and their goals for the future of the county.

Among those present were the candidates for the Bergen County freeholder race. Incumbent Democrats Tracy Zur, Steve Tanelli, and Tom Sullivan set up their booth just a few stalls down from Republican challengers Ken Tyburczy, John Mitchell, and Daisy Ortiz-Berger.

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Mitchell: Bergen County Needs ‘Two-Party System’


Note for the editor : John actually the GOP needs to offer some competitive ideas on how to run the county , not just be the party of  “Democrat Lite “

LYNDHURST—John Mitchell, a challenger in Bergen County’s race for the Board of Chosen Freeholders said he is running for reelection in November for two reasons: 1. He wants to bring Bergen County back to a two party system and 2. He believes his budget methodology can benefit residents of Bergen County. (Alfaro/PolitickerNJ)

Mitchell: Bergen County Needs ‘Two-Party System’ | New Jersey News, Politics, Opinion, and Analysis

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file photo Freeholder tells Ridgewood group to develop plan to save Schedler House


DECEMBER 18, 2014

Meeting up with Mitchell at the Bergen County Young Republican meeting in Saddle Brook this week, he confirmed to me that he is now officially a candidate to return to the body he left in 2014.

“Here’s my speech, you can quote me, ‘I am running for freeholder,’” said Mitchell, who won a convincing victory on a ticket headed by Kathe Donovan and Mike Saudino in 2010, but was defeated by a mere 68 votes in 2013 by now County Executive-elect Jim Tedesco.

Mitchell, by far the hardest campaigner I have personally seen in action, will be a force to be reckoned with. Most expect him to enter the convention as one of the favorites, if it even gets that far.

Most are expecting an announcement by Ramsey Councilman Ken Tyburczy in the coming days that he is also running. The field appears to be clearing for the first time in recent memory for the two candidates to enter the general election unscathed.  While some names are being mentioned for the third seat (the unexpired term of Tedesco), none of the four candidates who entered the freeholder race last year – nominees Bernadette Walsh and Bob Avery, as well as Brian Fitzhenry and Dierdre Paul – seem likely to run at this point according to those I speak with around the county.

For the general election, Mitchell has made significant inroads in two areas that Republicans have struggled with. Hailing from overwhelmingly Democratic Cliffside Park, Mitchell shows relative strength in the southeastern Democratic bastion of the county. He has also made strong inroads with the growing Korean community through years of sincere outreach.