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JH Renovations, LLC “Building a Family of Satisfied Customers” in Ridgewood and Glen Rock

JH Renovations, LLC

October 8,2017

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, John Wohlberg is the Owner-Operator at JH Renovations, LLC in Ridgewood. John told the Ridgewood blog that , “he has been in business for over 20 years. My father was a Contractor now a site safety manager in NYC. Still working full time at 82. My Brother also a Contractor and a Licensed Building Inspector which has been a good information source for me throughout the years in terms of the Building Codes, various inspectors etc.”

John interestingly enough he also has a Real Estate License ( Referral Only) and a BA in Psychology. John went on to say he was an Art Major in High School and that’s been helpful in helping clients come up with designs.

John says,” I worked briefly at Keller Williams in Ridgewood but now have my License over at Alexander Andersen in Hackensack.”

John says , “My niche is an all in one saving clients the hassle of hiring a designer or in some cases, an architect. I guess somewhat of a DIY Contractor educating the client on the options”

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We asked about his geographic area John concentrates on Ridgewood, Glen Rock , but have done work in every town in Bergen County. He generally will not travel outside Bergen County. According to John , “What tends to happen is we keep about 3 projects going at a time and taking on a project too far away can result in a local customer who doesn’t get taken care of properly so we learned early on not to bite off more then we can chew. Your reputation suffers and as a word of mouth business owner, that can be costly”

John says , “A lot of times what happens is that we will get a referral and will start off doing something small but once trust is built up, we end coming back to do something larger. We have a big database of repeat customers.We’ve gotten calls to paint a room and ended up staying for 3 or years off and on Renovating almost every room in the house. We try to be as user friendly as  possible.”

He belongs to the Ridgewood Chamber, Hackensack Chamber and former member of the Glen Rock Chamber, Ridgewood Business Connections.

John says he understands the older home in Ridgewood, “I’m different from a builder as I deal with a lot of these old, Ridgewood homes. Most are built outta level and you have to be creative to try to make whatever room your renovation blend into the existing décor. You don’t want to go to modern and sacrifice an architectural integrity of the home.

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John says , “the bottom line about my business, I love what I do but my body sometimes doesn’t , My tag line is “Building a Family of Satisfied Customers”. I try to live by that motto. ”

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