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Colin Kaepernick this time you went too far ,we for one have had enough celebrity BS

#Kapernick dealing with being oppressed

#Kaepernick dealing with being oppressed

August 31,2016
by PJ Blogger and the staff of the Ridgewood blog
Ridgewood NJ, This is a strategic PR move by him and his people. It was already decided months ago that the faltering quarterback was being cut from the team, so before the announcement of him getting cut make headlines,his handlers had to make headlines before that news came out.
So, to sit down during the National Anthem was a brilliant move for Kaepernick to make headlines so that he comes off as a victim which fits in with the political climate, and spin it as if its about people and oppression. So later when they announce that he is being cut, which most of you don’t know, it will now look like he is being cut, because he “stood up for you and against the system. Which you will all believe without question.
We are get a bit tired and board of the reality TV antics and multi million dollar celebrities yelling about how repressed they are so we at the Ridgewood blog have decided to boycott all NFL games and ESPN until they stand and act like men or at lest act like professionals.