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Gwenn Hauck endorses Richard Brooks for Ridgewood Village Council : “Kiss of Death”

gwenn hauck

Will this be the “kiss of death” for Richard Brooks?

April 9,2016

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood Nj, Is Richard Brooks Campaign for Village Council over before it started?  Richard Brooks the husband of Ridgewood Planning Board attorney Gail Price who seemed to have been more interested in representing Valley Hospital than the Village of Ridgewood and who’s stewardship led to Valley getting everything they wanted with no compromise in a mediation settlement .

Now to make matters worse for the Brooks campaign,  the conflict of interest councilwomen of the year Gwenn Hauck who is so intertwined with Valley Hospital she can not seem to remember whether she got a check or gave a check , whether she paid her property taxes or as some allege is responsible for the mass murder of  wood turtles ,an endangered species;  has endorsed him.  Apparently Gwenn has looked up from her ipad for a brief second and seen the light.

While some will say it was nice of her to take a break from ranting against Ridgewood residents , while others suggest that Gwenn suffers from a mild case of  “foot in the mouth” disease and the Brooks endorsement is just more of the same .

Our modest suggestion is that perhaps Gail should sharpen up those resume skills , but on the other hand Valley might be hiring.

How anyone could support a candidate who is being endorsed by Gwen is beyond our comprehension :