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Korean CDC reported individuals who have recovered from COVID19 can no longer infect others

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Soul Korea, The Korean Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Korean CDC) reported findings from a study of recovered COVID-19 patients who tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 after their recovery. The study aimed to determine whether the positive test results after recovery—as long as 37 days after discharge from isolation—were artifacts of testing or due to reinfection or reactivation of the virus. The study concluded that the re-positive test results were not due to reinfection or reactivation, but rather, were a result of the PCR diagnostic tests detecting non-viable viral particles as the infection is slowly cleared from the body. These results indicate that individuals who have recovered from acute illness can no longer infect others. As such, the Korean CDC updated its guidance regarding the management of “re-positive cases,” including the removal of a mandatory 14-day self isolation period after being discharged from isolation and the requirement for subsequent PCR testing if symptoms present after a patient is discharged from isolation.