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Reader says Democrats, support terrorist and cop killers in varying degrees of enthusiasm


It appears to be a case of the support for this killer having morphed from a relatively small number of radical lefties, to the overall umbrella of the Democrat Party. I’m sure there are a few that don’t support her, but I suspect if you asked most Democrats, they would support her in varying degrees of enthusiasm.

Groups who want the public to believe they ‘do good works’ supports a murderer………….. well, that kind of kills the do-good mantra now doesn’t it? We as a society have reached critical mass – murderers are supported, hard working tax payers who want to keep more of their take home pay ridiculed, people who are able but don’t work coddled and given every benefit to scam the system, illegal immigrants given equivalent rights to citizens – these are just a few issues, but they speak to the bizarre world we now live in.

Also, Democrats honored the Puerto Rican terrorist who led the terrorist attacks that killed many in NYC, including a man whose son now live in Glen Rock.

The same terrorist whose sentence Barack Obama commuted in his final days as President. The same terrorist who still refuses to express any remorse for him terrorist activities.