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September 1st Marks the End of Ridgewood Waters Stage 1 Restrictions

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August 26,2016

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, a reader reminds us that sprinkler controls can be reset as of midnight next Wednesday (or just after your last “sprinkle” occurs before then): “Stage I will be in effect each year starting on June 1st and will continue through August 31st.”

The September 1 square on this year’s village calendar states that restrictions end that day. (This year’s calendar omitted a start date altogether after getting it wrong for at least a couple of years, stating that it was May 1. “Janet Fricke IS the village calendar.” –R. Sonenfeld at a recent council meeting. Maybe not something to be proud of?)

The reader goes on to say , “Water Dept or Village Manager could conceivably extend the end date, but if so, I believe it would be for the first time in history.”