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Towns where property taxes hurt the most in each of N.J.’s 21 counties

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Updated July 18, 2017
Posted July 18, 2017

By Samantha Marcus | NJ Advance Media for

So where in your county do property taxes hurt the most?

Last month, we showed you which towns in New Jersey had the highest property tax burdens, which is to say, those where the average property tax bill takes up the biggest share of median household income.

Here, we pulled out the top towns from each of New Jersey’s 21 counties.

New Jersey has the nation’s highest property taxes, but it’s much worse in some parts of the state than others. For example, Cumberland’s pain index is far lower than other counties. Top towns in eight counties did not crack our top 30 list for property tax pain.

Some of the state’s 565 municipalities were excluded from our analysis, as the median income margin of error was too high because of the American Community Survey’s small sample size.

Here’s the county-by-county list.