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NJ Motor Vehicle Commission : Long Lines and Wait Times at Month End


August 3,2016
the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Oakland NJ, recent wait times at the MVC are being blamed on  the fact that the newer MVC computer system seems to be overwhelming the antiquated state of NJ main frame system, causing all to frequent computer crashes .

The NJ MVC worked with Hewlett Packard in 2008 to develop the MATRX which was supposed to bring major technological upgrades to the agency, well it did but the state lags far behind.

The MVC began a transformation project in January 2015 after severing its ties with Hewlett Packard. The agency says that it will operations from the mainframe onto a cloud. The transition has not gone as smoothly as planed . The agency initaly spent $21 million on the up grade and followed up with another $16 million.

Currently the Agency is working on an effort to streamline the number of computer screens and windows to just one this should help move customers along faster.

Governor Chris Christie recommended customers not waiting till the last minute or the end of the month to visit the MVC. The lines are short and there is less chance of computer issues.

The agency also says that it also wants to promote their Skip the Trip program which allows drivers to renew their licenses from home.