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Readers See Bumps in the Road for Moving Dirt Down South Broad


Hopefully the big know it all head of engineering is aware of the rather formidable speed hump on south broad near edwards dirt will be spilling all over the place when those loaded tandem axle dump bodies roll over that would not want to be living near there cracks in the wall of your foundation for sure.

Bike Lane Rutishauser is going to costs the Village a lot of money if he doesn’t remove that speed bump before he send those trucks down S Broad St. To the members of the Ridgewood Council who read the Ridgewood Blog. A word to the wise. Do not take the residents of S Broad St lightly.

Editors note : Voting has consequences and voting for Paul Aronsohn and the 3 amigos , has unintended consequences ,perhaps several alternative roots to share the burden ?