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Naps And Your Brain: Take An Afternoon Snooze To Stay Sharp


Jan 6, 2017 01:49 PM By Elana Glowatz @ElanaGlow

When your morning coffee’s kick is wearing off and that afternoon slump starts to hit you, go and take a nap to keep your mind running properly.

The idea of a siesta is nothing new, particularly in hotter countries like Spain, and researchers have long studied the benefits of these post-lunch catnaps. A new study pinpoints the optimal amount of time seniors should nap in the afternoon for the benefit of their mental function: about one hour.

Findings in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society were based on surveys of almost 3,000 older Chinese people about their napping habits and data of their cognitive function. Those who napped for a moderate amount of time after lunch — most of them for close to 60 minutes — showed “better overall cognition” as compared to both people who didn’t nap and people who napped for periods that were longer than 90 minutes or shorter than 30 minutes. Based on the results, those moderately long naps “may be an important part of optimizing cognition in elderly adults,” the study suggested, and thus decreasing “the risk of functional dependence and poor quality of life.”

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Revealed: Why our brains get so tired in the afternoon – and how to beat the slump


by Mark Molloy

26 MAY 2016 • 11:47AM

It’s known as the dreaded 2:30 feeling.

You’ve had your eight hours of sleep, a very productive morning and a healthy lunch – but as the afternoon hits you start to fall into a post-lunch slump.

Feeling drowsy after lunch is completely natural, according to Dr Fiona Kerr, a neuro specialist from the University of Adelaide, who explains that humans are “built for two sleeps a day”.—and-how/