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New allegations are leveled against Glen Rock man who has admitted bilking investors


JANUARY 26, 2016, 11:51 AM    LAST UPDATED: TUESDAY, JANUARY 26, 2016, 4:08 PM

A Glen Rock man who is awaiting sentencing for bilking upwards of $3 million from more than a dozen investors is at it again, federal authorities allege, using a phony alias to scam new victims.

The new allegations against Paul Mancuso, 49, were leveled in a letter that a federal prosecutor sent last week to U.S. District Judge William J. Martini in Newark requesting that his $250,000 bail be revoked and that he be detained pending sentencing.

“Despite having pled guilty [in September] to defrauding numerous victims over a three-year period of more than $3 million, Mancuso is continuing to hold himself out as a real estate entrepreneur — using a phony alias —  in a brazen attempt to lure additional victims into fraudulent real estate transactions,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Anthony J. Mahajan wrote in his letter to the judge.

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Bergen County Executive Kathleen Donovan Responds to Democrats attempt to tie lane closures on the George Washington Bridge to her administration


file photo County Executive Donovan hosted a conference call with officials from around the county preparing for snow

Bergen County Executive Kathleen Donovan Responds to Democrats attempt to tie lane closures on the George Washington Bridge to her administration
Bergen County Executive Kathleen Donovan
Together, we have always put public service and the interests of taxpayers, families, seniors, and young adults before politics. Sadly Democrats, who now control the Bergen County Board of Freeholders, do not.

Instead, Democrats on the freeholder board choose to put politics before common sense. Recently, these same Democrats have tried and failed to somehow tie my administration to what now appears from recent news reports to be politically motivated lane closures on the George Washington Bridge. These lane closures are truly troublesome. I have always contended these attacks against me and my administration are totally inappropriate, a waste of time, and little more than political grandstanding.

Now the Record editorial on this topic agrees with us. Their calm, thoughtful narrative supports our position. Here are several excerpts from that editorial: “Now the board’s attempt to get top officials of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey to come to Bergen County to discuss the scandal clearly has more to do with politics than anything else.” It is also worth noting that I, as Bergen County Executive, have no jurisdiction over the Port Authority.

The Record editorial also states: “The freeholders have no jurisdiction over the Port Authority. Additionally, there now are ongoing investigations into the matter by a joint legislative committee, the U.S. Attorney’s Office and the Port Authority inspector general.”

As your County Executive, I will not let politically motivated attacks distract me from my dedication to serving you, the citizens of Bergen County.

Thank you for your time, support, and well wishes. You can find the full Record editorial here.

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Bridgeaplooza more assertions and no facts


Bridgeaplooza more assertions and no facts

Christine Administration denies Wildstein’s Assertions

The Christie Administration just released the following statement:

“Mr. Wildstein’s lawyer confirms what the Governor has said all along – he had absolutely no prior knowledge of the lane closures before they happened and whatever Mr. Wildstein’s motivations were for closing them to begin with. As the Governor said in a December 13th press conference, he only first learned lanes were closed when it was reported by the press and as he said in his January 9th press conference, had no indication that this was anything other than a traffic study until he read otherwise the morning of January 8th. The Governor denies Mr. Wildstein’s lawyer’s other assertions.”


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Bridgeaplooza: New allegations emerge from Zimmer lawsuit


Bridgeaplooza: New allegations emerge from Zimmer lawsuit

HOBOKEN — Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer threatened to fire Carmelo Garcia, director of the local housing authority, unless he agreed to hire politically connected contractors, a recently filed lawsuit claims.

Zimmer’s lawyer says the claims are baseless and suggested they are retaliation engineered by Christie allies.

The strong-arm tactics alleged by Garcia, who is also a Democratic assemblyman, come two weeks after Zimmer, also a Democrat, claimed in a nationally televised interview that the Christie administration threatened to withhold Hurricane Sandy recover money for Hoboken unless she agreed to fast-track a development project the governor backed.

In the lawsuit filed last week in Superior Court in Jersey City, Garcia claims Zimmer pressured him to award contracts to her political allies. When he resisted, Zimmer and her husband, Stanley Grossbard, “began to subject Director Garcia to an unlawful pattern of harassment, threats, intimidation and extortion,” the suit claims. (Giambusso/Star-Ledger)