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Ordinance opens spots for new Ridgewood police officers


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Ordinance opens spots for new Ridgewood police officers

THURSDAY MARCH 6, 2014, 4:21 PM

A once-controversial police personnel ordinance was unanimously approved by the Ridgewood Council Wednesday night, paving the way for the department to hire two new patrol officers.

The ordinance abolishes a previously established maximum amount of officers and detectives that the police department may employ. It also encourages the re-creation of the school resource officer (SRO) position, of which the responsibilities will be determined jointly by the department chief, village manager and superintendent of schools.

“It gets rid of the arbitrary ceiling and allows for the public safety needs of the community,” said Mayor Paul Aronsohn, who shared equal enthusiasm for the possible return of a SRO to the school district.

With the new ordinance in place, the department is now legally allowed to hire additional officers without future ordinance amendments. Village officials have indicated that two conditional officers, whose employment was put on hold in January, will be retained.

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